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type MockExecutor

type MockExecutor struct {
	// These functions can be overwritten for testing
	MockPeerProbe          func(exec_host, newnode string) error
	MockPeerDetach         func(exec_host, newnode string) error
	MockDeviceSetup        func(host, device, vgid string) (*executors.DeviceInfo, error)
	MockDeviceTeardown     func(host, device, vgid string) error
	MockBrickCreate        func(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) (*executors.BrickInfo, error)
	MockBrickDestroy       func(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) error
	MockBrickDestroyCheck  func(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) error
	MockVolumeCreate       func(host string, volume *executors.VolumeRequest) (*executors.VolumeInfo, error)
	MockVolumeExpand       func(host string, volume *executors.VolumeRequest) (*executors.VolumeInfo, error)
	MockVolumeDestroy      func(host string, volume string) error
	MockVolumeDestroyCheck func(host, volume string) error

func NewMockExecutor

func NewMockExecutor() (*MockExecutor, error)

func (*MockExecutor) BrickCreate

func (m *MockExecutor) BrickCreate(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) (*executors.BrickInfo, error)

func (*MockExecutor) BrickDestroy

func (m *MockExecutor) BrickDestroy(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) error

func (*MockExecutor) BrickDestroyCheck

func (m *MockExecutor) BrickDestroyCheck(host string, brick *executors.BrickRequest) error

func (*MockExecutor) DeviceSetup

func (m *MockExecutor) DeviceSetup(host, device, vgid string) (*executors.DeviceInfo, error)

func (*MockExecutor) DeviceTeardown

func (m *MockExecutor) DeviceTeardown(host, device, vgid string) error

func (*MockExecutor) PeerDetach

func (m *MockExecutor) PeerDetach(exec_host, newnode string) error

func (*MockExecutor) PeerProbe

func (m *MockExecutor) PeerProbe(exec_host, newnode string) error

func (*MockExecutor) SetLogLevel

func (m *MockExecutor) SetLogLevel(level string)

func (*MockExecutor) VolumeCreate

func (m *MockExecutor) VolumeCreate(host string, volume *executors.VolumeRequest) (*executors.VolumeInfo, error)

func (*MockExecutor) VolumeDestroy

func (m *MockExecutor) VolumeDestroy(host string, volume string) error

func (*MockExecutor) VolumeDestroyCheck

func (m *MockExecutor) VolumeDestroyCheck(host string, volume string) error

func (*MockExecutor) VolumeExpand

func (m *MockExecutor) VolumeExpand(host string, volume *executors.VolumeRequest) (*executors.VolumeInfo, error)

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