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const ColoradoIssuerId string = "636020"
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const ConnecticutIssuerId string = "636006"
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const IllinoisIssuerId string = "636035"
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const MassachusettsIssuerId string = "636002"
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const SouthCarolinaIssuerId string = "636005"
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const TennesseeIssuerId string = "636053"


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type DLIDLicense

type DLIDLicense struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Parse

func Parse(data string) (license *DLIDLicense, err error)

func (*DLIDLicense) City

func (d *DLIDLicense) City() string

func (*DLIDLicense) Country

func (d *DLIDLicense) Country() string

func (*DLIDLicense) CustomerId

func (d *DLIDLicense) CustomerId() string

func (*DLIDLicense) DateOfBirth

func (d *DLIDLicense) DateOfBirth() time.Time

func (*DLIDLicense) EndorsementCodes

func (d *DLIDLicense) EndorsementCodes() string

func (*DLIDLicense) ExpiryDate

func (d *DLIDLicense) ExpiryDate() time.Time

func (*DLIDLicense) FirstName

func (d *DLIDLicense) FirstName() string

func (*DLIDLicense) IssueDate

func (d *DLIDLicense) IssueDate() time.Time

func (*DLIDLicense) IssuerId

func (d *DLIDLicense) IssuerId() string

func (*DLIDLicense) IssuerName

func (d *DLIDLicense) IssuerName() string

func (*DLIDLicense) LastName

func (d *DLIDLicense) LastName() string

func (*DLIDLicense) MiddleNames

func (d *DLIDLicense) MiddleNames() []string

func (*DLIDLicense) NameSuffix

func (d *DLIDLicense) NameSuffix() string

func (*DLIDLicense) Postal

func (d *DLIDLicense) Postal() string

func (*DLIDLicense) RestrictionCodes

func (d *DLIDLicense) RestrictionCodes() string

func (*DLIDLicense) SetCity

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetCity(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetCountry

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetCountry(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetCustomerId

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetCustomerId(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetDateOfBirth

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetDateOfBirth(t time.Time)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetEndorsementCodes

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetEndorsementCodes(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetExpiryDate

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetExpiryDate(t time.Time)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetFirstName

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetFirstName(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetIssueDate

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetIssueDate(t time.Time)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetIssuerId

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetIssuerId(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetIssuerName

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetIssuerName(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetLastName

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetLastName(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetMiddleNames

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetMiddleNames(s []string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetNameSuffix

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetNameSuffix(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetPostal

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetPostal(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetRestrictionCodes

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetRestrictionCodes(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetSex

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetSex(s DriverSex)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetSocialSecurityNumber

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetSocialSecurityNumber(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetState

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetState(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetStreet

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetStreet(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) SetVehicleClass

func (d *DLIDLicense) SetVehicleClass(s string)

func (*DLIDLicense) Sex

func (d *DLIDLicense) Sex() DriverSex

func (*DLIDLicense) SocialSecurityNumber

func (d *DLIDLicense) SocialSecurityNumber() string

func (*DLIDLicense) State

func (d *DLIDLicense) State() string

func (*DLIDLicense) Street

func (d *DLIDLicense) Street() string

func (*DLIDLicense) VehicleClass

func (d *DLIDLicense) VehicleClass() string

type DriverSex

type DriverSex int
const (
	DriverSexNone DriverSex = iota

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