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func GetVersion

func GetVersion() string

GetVersion return app version

func IsZeroMatching

func IsZeroMatching(matching *Matching) bool

IsZeroMatching checks if Matching struct equals zero

func MatchRangeQuery

func MatchRangeQuery(query RangeQuery) (*[]*Matching, error)

MatchRangeQuery triggers regexp matching against a range of commit messages


type CommitQuery

type CommitQuery struct {
	Path     string
	ID       string
	Matchers map[string]string
	Options  Options

CommitQuery to retrieves a commit and do checking

type Matching

type Matching struct {
	Context      map[string]string
	MessageError error
	SummaryError error

Matching represents an error when something goes wrong

func MatchCommitQuery

func MatchCommitQuery(query CommitQuery) (*Matching, error)

MatchCommitQuery triggers regexp matching against a commit

func MatchMessageQuery

func MatchMessageQuery(query MessageQuery) (*Matching, error)

MatchMessageQuery triggers regexp matching against a message

type MessageQuery

type MessageQuery struct {
	Message  string
	Matchers map[string]string
	Options  Options

MessageQuery to check only commit message

type Options

type Options struct {
	CheckSummaryLength  bool
	ExcludeMergeCommits bool
	SummaryLength       int

Options represents options picked from configuration

type RangeQuery

type RangeQuery struct {
	Path     string
	From     string
	To       string
	Matchers map[string]string
	Options  Options

RangeQuery to retrieves commits and do checking

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