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DiscordGo Airhorn Example

This example demonstrates how to utilize DiscordGo to listen for an !airhorn command in a channel and then play a sound to that user's current voice channel.

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This assumes you already have a working Go environment setup and that DiscordGo is correctly installed on your system.

From within the airhorn example folder, run the below command to compile the example.

go build


Usage of ./airhorn:
  -t string
        Bot Token

The below example shows how to start the bot from the airhorn example folder.

./airhorn -t YOUR_BOT_TOKEN

Creating sounds

Airhorn bot uses DCA files, which are pre-computed files that are easy to send to Discord.

If you would like to create your own DCA files, please use:

See the below example of creating a DCA file from a WAV file. This also works with MP3, FLAC, and many other file formats. Of course, you will need to install dca-rs first :)

./dca-rs -i <input wav file> --raw > <output file>


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