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var Graphers = make(map[reflect.Type]Grapher)

Graphers holds all registered graphers.


func NormalizeData

func NormalizeData(unitType, dir string, o *graph.Output) error

NormalizeData sorts data and performs other postprocessing.

func PopulateImpliedFields

func PopulateImpliedFields(repo, commitID, unitType, unit string, o *graph.Output)

PopulateImpliedFields fills in fields on graph data objects that individual toolchains leave blank but that are implied by the source unit the graph data objects were built from.

func Register

func Register(emptySourceUnit unit.SourceUnit, grapher Grapher)

Register sets the grapher to be used for source units of the given type. If Register is called twice with the same name or if grapher is nil, it panics

func UnresolvedInternalRefs

func UnresolvedInternalRefs(currentRepoURI string, refs []*graph.Ref, defs []*graph.Def) map[graph.DefKey][]*graph.Ref

UnresolvedInternalRefs returns a map of unresolved internal refs, keyed on the (nonexistent) defs they point to. CurrentRepoURI must be the repo URI of the repo the refs and defs were built from. CurrentRepoURI may be empty. It is used to determine whether a ref is an internal ref or not. Only internal refs can be checked in this way because checking resolution to external defs would require loading external data, which is outside the scope of this function.


type GraphUnitRule

type GraphUnitRule struct {
	Unit *unit.SourceUnit
	Tool *srclib.ToolRef
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*GraphUnitRule) Prereqs

func (r *GraphUnitRule) Prereqs() []string

func (*GraphUnitRule) Recipes

func (r *GraphUnitRule) Recipes() []string

func (*GraphUnitRule) SourceUnit

func (r *GraphUnitRule) SourceUnit() *unit.SourceUnit

func (*GraphUnitRule) Target

func (r *GraphUnitRule) Target() string

type Grapher

type Grapher interface {
	Graph(dir string, unit *unit.SourceUnit, c *config.Repository) (*graph.Output, error)

type MultiError

type MultiError []error

func ValidateDefs

func ValidateDefs(defs []*graph.Def) (errs MultiError)

func ValidateDocs

func ValidateDocs(docs []*graph.Doc) (errs MultiError)

func ValidateRefs

func ValidateRefs(refs []*graph.Ref) (errs MultiError)

func (MultiError) Error

func (e MultiError) Error() string

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