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const (
	P4RuntimePort = 9559


This section is empty.


func DisableCanonicalBytestrings

func DisableCanonicalBytestrings(options *ClientOptions)

func ToCanonicalIf

func ToCanonicalIf(v []byte, cond bool) []byte


type ActionProfileActionSet

type ActionProfileActionSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ActionProfileActionSet) AddAction

func (s *ActionProfileActionSet) AddAction(
	action string,
	params [][]byte,
	weight int32,
	port Port,
) *ActionProfileActionSet

func (*ActionProfileActionSet) TableAction

func (s *ActionProfileActionSet) TableAction() *p4_v1.TableAction

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient

func NewClient(
	p4RuntimeClient p4_v1.P4RuntimeClient,
	deviceID uint64,
	electionID p4_v1.Uint128,
	optionsModifierFns ...func(*ClientOptions),
) *Client

func (*Client) AckDigestList

func (c *Client) AckDigestList(digestList *p4_v1.DigestList) error

func (*Client) DeleteMulticastGroup

func (c *Client) DeleteMulticastGroup(mgid uint32) error

func (*Client) DeleteTableEntry

func (c *Client) DeleteTableEntry(entry *p4_v1.TableEntry) error

func (*Client) DisableDigest

func (c *Client) DisableDigest(digest string) error

func (*Client) EnableDigest

func (c *Client) EnableDigest(digest string, config *p4_v1.DigestEntry_Config) error

func (*Client) GetFwdPipe

func (c *Client) GetFwdPipe(responseType GetFwdPipeResponseType) (*FwdPipeConfig, error)

GetFwdPipe retrieves the current pipeline config used in the remote switch.

responseType is oneof:

GetFwdPipeAll, GetFwdPipeCookieOnly, GetFwdPipeP4InfoAndCookie, GetFwdPipeDeviceConfigAndCookie


func (*Client) InsertMulticastGroup

func (c *Client) InsertMulticastGroup(mgid uint32, ports []uint32) error

func (*Client) InsertTableEntry

func (c *Client) InsertTableEntry(entry *p4_v1.TableEntry) error

func (*Client) ModifyCounterEntry

func (c *Client) ModifyCounterEntry(counter string, index int64, data *p4_v1.CounterData) error

func (*Client) ModifyDigest

func (c *Client) ModifyDigest(digest string, config *p4_v1.DigestEntry_Config) error

func (*Client) ModifyTableEntry

func (c *Client) ModifyTableEntry(entry *p4_v1.TableEntry) error

func (*Client) NewActionProfileActionSet

func (c *Client) NewActionProfileActionSet() *ActionProfileActionSet

func (*Client) NewTableActionDirect

func (c *Client) NewTableActionDirect(
	action string,
	params [][]byte,
) *p4_v1.TableAction

func (*Client) NewTableEntry

func (c *Client) NewTableEntry(
	table string,
	mfs []MatchInterface,
	action *p4_v1.TableAction,
	options *TableEntryOptions,
) *p4_v1.TableEntry

for default entries: to set use nil for mfs, to unset use nil for mfs and nil for action

func (*Client) ReadCounterEntry

func (c *Client) ReadCounterEntry(counter string, index int64) (*p4_v1.CounterData, error)

func (*Client) ReadCounterEntryWildcard

func (c *Client) ReadCounterEntryWildcard(counter string) ([]*p4_v1.CounterData, error)

func (*Client) ReadEntitySingle

func (c *Client) ReadEntitySingle(entity *p4_v1.Entity) (*p4_v1.Entity, error)

func (*Client) ReadEntityWildcard

func (c *Client) ReadEntityWildcard(entity *p4_v1.Entity, readEntityCh chan<- *p4_v1.Entity) error

ReadEntityWildcard will block and send all read entities on readEntityCh. It will close the channel when the RPC completes and return any error that may have occurred.

func (*Client) Run

func (c *Client) Run(
	stopCh <-chan struct{},
	arbitrationCh chan<- bool,
	messageCh chan<- *p4_v1.StreamMessageResponse,
) error

func (*Client) SetFwdPipe

func (c *Client) SetFwdPipe(binPath string, p4infoPath string, cookie uint64) (*FwdPipeConfig, error)

func (*Client) SetFwdPipeFromBytes

func (c *Client) SetFwdPipeFromBytes(binBytes, p4infoBytes []byte, cookie uint64) (*FwdPipeConfig, error)

func (*Client) WriteUpdate

func (c *Client) WriteUpdate(update *p4_v1.Update) error

type ClientOptions

type ClientOptions struct {
	CanonicalBytestrings bool

type ExactMatch

type ExactMatch struct {
	Value []byte

type FwdPipeConfig

type FwdPipeConfig struct {
	P4Info         *p4_config_v1.P4Info
	P4DeviceConfig []byte
	Cookie         uint64

type GetFwdPipeResponseType

type GetFwdPipeResponseType int32

type LpmMatch

type LpmMatch struct {
	Value []byte
	PLen  int32

type MatchInterface

type MatchInterface interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type OptionalMatch

type OptionalMatch struct {
	Value []byte

type Port

type Port struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPort

func NewPort(bytes []byte) Port

func NewPortFromInt

func NewPortFromInt(i uint32) Port

func (Port) AsBytes

func (p Port) AsBytes() []byte

type RangeMatch

type RangeMatch struct {
	Low  []byte
	High []byte

type TableEntryOptions

type TableEntryOptions struct {
	IdleTimeout time.Duration

type TernaryMatch

type TernaryMatch struct {
	Value []byte
	Mask  []byte

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