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A session store backend for gorilla/sessions - src.


make get-deps


Available on

See for full documentation on underlying interface.

package examples

import (


// ExampleHandler is an example that displays the usage of PGStore.
func ExampleHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	// Fetch new store.
	store, err := pgstore.NewPGStore("postgres://user:password@", []byte("secret-key"))
	if err != nil {
	defer store.Close()

	// Run a background goroutine to clean up expired sessions from the database.
	defer store.StopCleanup(store.Cleanup(time.Minute * 5))

	// Get a session.
	session, err := store.Get(r, "session-key")
	if err != nil {

	// Add a value.
	session.Values["foo"] = "bar"

	// Save.
	if err = session.Save(r, w); err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("Error saving session: %v", err)

	// Delete session.
	session.Options.MaxAge = -1
	if err = session.Save(r, w); err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("Error saving session: %v", err)

Breaking changes

  • 2016-07-19 - NewPGStore and NewPGStoreFromPool now returns (*PGStore, error)


I've stolen, borrowed and gotten inspiration from the other backends available:

Thank you all for sharing your code!

What makes this backend different is that it's for PostgreSQL.

We've recently refactored this backend to use the standard database/sql driver instead of Gorp. This removes a dependency and makes this package very lightweight and makes database interactions very transparent. Lastly, from the standpoint of unit testing where you want to mock the database layer instead of requiring a real database, you can now easily use a package like go-SQLMock to do just that.




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type PGSession

type PGSession struct {
	ID         int64
	Key        string
	Data       string
	CreatedOn  time.Time
	ModifiedOn time.Time
	ExpiresOn  time.Time

PGSession type

type PGStore

type PGStore struct {
	Codecs  []securecookie.Codec
	Options *sessions.Options
	Path    string
	DbPool  *sql.DB

PGStore represents the currently configured session store.

func NewPGStore

func NewPGStore(dbURL string, keyPairs ...[]byte) (*PGStore, error)

NewPGStore creates a new PGStore instance and a new database/sql pool. This will also create in the database the schema needed by pgstore.

func NewPGStoreFromPool

func NewPGStoreFromPool(db *sql.DB, keyPairs ...[]byte) (*PGStore, error)

NewPGStoreFromPool creates a new PGStore instance from an existing database/sql pool. This will also create the database schema needed by pgstore.

func (*PGStore) Cleanup

func (db *PGStore) Cleanup(interval time.Duration) (chan<- struct{}, <-chan struct{})

Cleanup runs a background goroutine every interval that deletes expired sessions from the database.

The design is based on

func (*PGStore) Close

func (db *PGStore) Close()

Close closes the database connection.

func (*PGStore) Get

func (db *PGStore) Get(r *http.Request, name string) (*sessions.Session, error)

Get Fetches a session for a given name after it has been added to the registry.

func (*PGStore) MaxAge

func (db *PGStore) MaxAge(age int)

MaxAge sets the maximum age for the store and the underlying cookie implementation. Individual sessions can be deleted by setting Options.MaxAge = -1 for that session.

func (*PGStore) MaxLength

func (db *PGStore) MaxLength(l int)

MaxLength restricts the maximum length of new sessions to l. If l is 0 there is no limit to the size of a session, use with caution. The default for a new PGStore is 4096. PostgreSQL allows for max value sizes of up to 1GB (

func (*PGStore) New

func (db *PGStore) New(r *http.Request, name string) (*sessions.Session, error)

New returns a new session for the given name without adding it to the registry.

func (*PGStore) Save

func (db *PGStore) Save(r *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter, session *sessions.Session) error

Save saves the given session into the database and deletes cookies if needed

func (*PGStore) StopCleanup

func (db *PGStore) StopCleanup(quit chan<- struct{}, done <-chan struct{})

StopCleanup stops the background cleanup from running.


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