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func GenerateExample

func GenerateExample() ([]byte, error)

GenerateExample generates example config YAML output.


type Request

type Request struct {
	Headers map[string]string `yaml:"headers"`
	Method  string            `yaml:"method,omitempty"`
	Path    string            `yaml:"path,omitempty"`
	Body    string            `yaml:"body,omitempty"`

type Response

type Response struct {
	Headers map[string]string `yaml:"headers"`
	Body    string            `yaml:"body,omitempty"`
	Code    int               `yaml:"code,omitempty"`

type TestSpec

type TestSpec struct {
	Request          Request  `yaml:"request"`
	Response         Response `yaml:"response"`
	TimeoutSeconds   int      `yaml:"timeout_seconds"`
	SkipValidateBody bool     `yaml:"skip_validate_body"`

func Parse

func Parse(b []byte) (*TestSpec, error)

Parse []byte config to TestSpec.

func (*TestSpec) SendRequest

func (t *TestSpec) SendRequest(addr string) (*Response, error)

SendRequest sends a request to a server and returns the test response.

func (*TestSpec) Update

func (t *TestSpec) Update() ([]byte, error)

Update returns the generated config from the TestSpec.

func (*TestSpec) Validate

func (t *TestSpec) Validate(response Response) ([]string, error)

Validate runs trough the expected response against the actual response and returns an array with issues.

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