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Published: Nov 9, 2016 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 19 Imported by: 0



Package passvault manages the vault containing user records on disk. It contains usernames and associated passwords which are stored hashed (with salt) using scrypt.

Copyright (c) 2013 CloudFlare, Inc.



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const (
	RSARecord = "RSA"
	ECCRecord = "ECC"

Constants for record type

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const (
	KEYLENGTH = 16    // 16-byte output from scrypt
	N         = 16384 // Cost parameter
	R         = 8     // Block size
	P         = 1     // Parallelization factor


Constants for scrypt


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var DefaultRecordType = RSARecord


This section is empty.


type ECPublicKey

type ECPublicKey struct {
	Curve *elliptic.CurveParams
	X, Y  *big.Int

type PasswordRecord

type PasswordRecord struct {
	Type           string
	PasswordSalt   []byte
	HashedPassword []byte
	KeySalt        []byte
	RSAKey         struct {
		RSAExp      []byte
		RSAExpIV    []byte
		RSAPrimeP   []byte
		RSAPrimePIV []byte
		RSAPrimeQ   []byte
		RSAPrimeQIV []byte
		RSAPublic   rsa.PublicKey
	ECKey struct {
		ECPriv   []byte
		ECPrivIV []byte
		ECPublic ECPublicKey
	AltNames map[string]string
	Admin    bool

PasswordRecord is the structure used to store password and key material for a single user name. It is written and read from storage in JSON format.

func (*PasswordRecord) EncryptKey

func (pr *PasswordRecord) EncryptKey(in []byte) (out []byte, err error)

EncryptKey encrypts a 16-byte key with the RSA or EC key of the record.

func (*PasswordRecord) GetKeyECC

func (pr *PasswordRecord) GetKeyECC(password string) (key *ecdsa.PrivateKey, err error)

GetKeyECC returns the ECDSA private key of the record given the correct password.

func (*PasswordRecord) GetKeyECCPub

func (pr *PasswordRecord) GetKeyECCPub() (out *ecdsa.PublicKey, err error)

GetKeyECCPub returns the ECDSA public key out of the record.

func (*PasswordRecord) GetKeyRSA

func (pr *PasswordRecord) GetKeyRSA(password string) (key rsa.PrivateKey, err error)

GetKeyRSA returns the RSA private key of the record given the correct password.

func (*PasswordRecord) GetKeyRSAPub

func (pr *PasswordRecord) GetKeyRSAPub() (out *rsa.PublicKey, err error)

GetKeyRSAPub returns the RSA public key of the record.

func (*PasswordRecord) GetType

func (pr *PasswordRecord) GetType() string

GetType returns the type status of the PasswordRecord.

func (*PasswordRecord) IsAdmin

func (pr *PasswordRecord) IsAdmin() bool

IsAdmin returns the admin status of the PasswordRecord.

func (*PasswordRecord) ValidatePassword

func (pr *PasswordRecord) ValidatePassword(password string) error

ValidatePassword returns an error if the password is incorrect.

type Records

type Records struct {
	Version   int
	VaultId   int
	HmacKey   []byte
	Passwords map[string]PasswordRecord
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Records is the structure used to read and write a JSON file containing the contents of a password vault

func InitFrom

func InitFrom(path string) (records Records, err error)

InitFrom reads the record from disk and initialize global context.

func (*Records) AddNewRecord

func (records *Records) AddNewRecord(name, password string, admin bool, userType string) (PasswordRecord, error)

AddNewRecord adds a new record for a given username and password.

func (*Records) ChangePassword

func (records *Records) ChangePassword(name, password, newPassword, hipchatName string) (err error)

ChangePassword changes the password for a given user.

func (*Records) DeleteRecord

func (records *Records) DeleteRecord(name string) error

DeleteRecord deletes a given record.

func (*Records) GetAltNameFromName

func (records *Records) GetAltNameFromName(alt, name string) (altName string, found bool)

func (*Records) GetAltNamesFromName

func (r *Records) GetAltNamesFromName(alt string, names []string) map[string]string

func (*Records) GetHMACKey

func (records *Records) GetHMACKey() (key []byte, err error)

GetHMACKey returns the hmac key of the current vault.

func (*Records) GetRecord

func (records *Records) GetRecord(name string) (PasswordRecord, bool)

GetRecord returns a record given a name.

func (*Records) GetSummary

func (records *Records) GetSummary() (summary map[string]Summary)

GetSummary returns a summary of the records on disk.

func (*Records) GetVaultID

func (records *Records) GetVaultID() (id int, err error)

GetVaultID returns the id of the current vault.

func (*Records) MakeAdmin

func (records *Records) MakeAdmin(name string) error

MakeAdmin adds admin status to a given record.

func (*Records) NumRecords

func (records *Records) NumRecords() int

NumRecords returns the number of records in the vault.

func (*Records) RevokeRecord

func (records *Records) RevokeRecord(name string) error

RevokeRecord removes admin status from a record.

func (*Records) SetRecord

func (records *Records) SetRecord(pr PasswordRecord, name string)

SetRecord puts a record into the global status.

func (*Records) WriteRecordsToDisk

func (records *Records) WriteRecordsToDisk() error

WriteRecordsToDisk saves the current state of the records to disk.

type Summary

type Summary struct {
	Admin bool
	Type  string

Summary is a minmial account summary.

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