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var BackendDeleteError = S3Error{Code: 500, Description: "The backend can not be deleted. please delete bucket first"}
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var BadRequest = S3Error{Code: 400, Description: "request is invalid"}
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var BucketAlreadyExists = S3Error{Code: 409, Description: "The requested bucket name already exist. Bucket namespace is shared by all users in the system. Select a different name and retry."}
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var BucketDeleteError = S3Error{Code: 500, Description: "The bucket can not be deleted. please delete object first"}
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var DBError = S3Error{Code: 500, Description: "DB occured exception."}
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var ERR_OK = 200
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var InternalError = S3Error{Code: 500, Description: "Internal error. Please retry"}
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var InvalidContentLength = S3Error{Code: 400, Description: "invalid content length"}
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var InvalidQueryParameter = S3Error{Code: 400, Description: "invalid query parameter"}
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var InvalidStorageClass = S3Error{Code: 400, Description: "the storage class you specified is not valid"}
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var NoError = S3Error{Code: ERR_OK}
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var NoSuchBackend = S3Error{Code: 404, Description: "The specified backend does not exists."}
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var NoSuchBucket = S3Error{Code: 404, Description: "The specified bucket does not exist."}
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var NoSuchObject = S3Error{Code: 404, Description: "The specified object does not exist."}
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var NoSuchType = S3Error{Code: 404, Description: "The specified backend type does not exists."}


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type S3Error

type S3Error struct {
	Code        int
	Description string

func (*S3Error) Error

func (err *S3Error) Error() error

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