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Web search from the terminal. Just opens in your browser.

  s <query> [flags]

  -b, --binary string     binary to launch search URI
  -c, --cert string       path to cert.pem for TLS
  -k, --key string        path to key.pem for TLS
  -l, --list-providers    list supported providers
      --list-tags         list available tags
      --port int          server port (default 8080)
  -p, --provider string   search provider (default "google")
  -s, --server            launch web server
  -t, --tag string        search tag
  -v, --verbose           verbose mode
      --version           display version


go get -v github.com/zquestz/s
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/zquestz/s
make install

Alternatively, you can use Homebrew:

brew install s-search


Search for puppies on google.

s puppies

Search for a wifi router on amazon

s -p amazon wifi router

Search for rhinos on wikipedia

s -p wikipedia rhinos

Search providers tagged "video" for muppets.

s -t video muppets

Provider/Tag Expansion

We can do partial matching of provider and tag names. This searches Facebook for hamsters.

s -p fa hamsters

Or toasters on amazon.

s -p am toasters

This searches "tech-news" tagged providers for ssd info.

s -t te ssd

Or shopping sites for blankets.

s -t sh blankets

Provider/Tag Autocompletion

Autocompletion is supported for providers and tags. To set up autocompletion:

  1. Have s installed
  2. Add the following lines to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc
if [ -f $GOPATH/src/github.com/zquestz/s/autocomplete/s-completion.bash ]; then
    . $GOPATH/src/github.com/zquestz/s/autocomplete/s-completion.bash

Now you are good to go.

s -p ba<TAB><TAB>
baidu     bandcamp

Alternatively, if you use fish, the following will work:

mkdir -p ~/.config/fish/completions
ln -s $GOPATH/src/github.com/zquestz/s/autocomplete/s.fish ~/.config/fish/completions/s.fish


Setup an alias in your .profile for your favorite providers.

alias sa="s -p amazon"
alias sw="s -p wikipedia"

Use w3m to find cats instead of just your default browser.

s -b w3m cats

Search for conspiracy theories in incognito mode.

s -b "chromium --incognito" conspiracy theories
s -b "firefox --private-window" conspiracy theories

Search in a specific subreddit.

s -p reddit /r/cscareerquestions best startups.

Server Mode

A web interface is also provided. Just pass the -s flag.

Start a server on port 8080 (default).

s -s

Start a server with TLS on port 8443.

s -s -c /path/to/cert.pem -k /path/to/key.pem --port 8443

Feel free to try it out at https://jumps.io/.


To setup your own default configuration just create ~/.s/config. The configuration file is in UCL format. JSON is also fully supported as UCL can parse JSON files.

For more information about UCL visit: https://github.com/vstakhov/libucl

The following keys are supported:

  • blacklist (array of providers to exclude)
  • binary (binary to launch search URI)
  • cert (path to cert.pem for TLS)
  • customProviders (array of custom providers)
  • key (path to key.pem for TLS)
  • port (server port)
  • provider (search provider)
  • tag (search tag)
  • verbose (verbose mode)
  • whitelist (array of providers to include)

Set your default provider to duckduckgo:

provider: duckduckgo

To only search a few providers:

whitelist: [google, amazon, wikipedia]

To exclude providers you don't need:

blacklist: [dumpert]

To add a custom provider:

customProviders [
    name: example
    url: "http://example.com?q=%s"
    tags: [example]

Custom providers require a few things:

  • An alphanumeric name. ^[a-zA-Z0-9_]*$
  • A %s token for the query string.
  • A valid URL scheme.

Supported Providers

  • 500px
  • 8tracks
  • amazon
  • archpkg
  • archwiki
  • arstechnica
  • arxiv
  • atmospherejs
  • aur
  • baidu
  • bandcamp
  • bgr
  • bing
  • buzzfeed
  • cnn
  • codepen
  • coursera
  • cplusplus
  • crunchyroll
  • debianpkg
  • digg
  • diigo
  • dockerhub
  • dribbble
  • duckduckgo
  • dumpert
  • engadget
  • facebook
  • flickr
  • flipkart
  • foursquare
  • gist
  • github
  • gmail
  • go
  • godoc
  • google
  • googledocs
  • googleplus
  • hackernews
  • ietf
  • ifttt
  • imdb
  • imgur
  • inbox
  • instagram
  • kickasstorrents
  • libgen
  • linkedin
  • lmgtfy
  • macports
  • mdn
  • medium
  • metacpan
  • msdn
  • naver
  • netflix
  • nhaccuatui
  • npm
  • npmsearch
  • npr
  • nvd
  • overstock
  • packagist
  • phandroid
  • php
  • pinterest
  • postgresql
  • python
  • quora
  • reddit
  • rottentomatoes
  • rubygems
  • soundcloud
  • spotify
  • stackoverflow
  • steam
  • taobao
  • thepiratebay
  • theregister
  • torrentz
  • twitchtv
  • twitter
  • unity3d
  • upcloud
  • vimeo
  • wikipedia
  • wolframalpha
  • yahoo
  • yandex
  • youtube

s is released under the MIT license.


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