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const AppfmtDefault = "%(appname)"
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const ArrowColorNone = "none"
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const ComponentStart = `` /* 132-byte string literal not displayed */
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const PumlHeader = `` /* 216-byte string literal not displayed */
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const StateStart = `` /* 159-byte string literal not displayed */


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func GenerateIntegrations

func GenerateIntegrations(intgenParams *cmdutils.CmdContextParamIntgen,
	model *sysl.Module,
	logger *logrus.Logger) (map[string]string, error)

func GenerateView

func GenerateView(args *Args, params *IntsParam, mod *sysl.Module) string

func ProcessCalls

func ProcessCalls(appname, epname string, stmts []*sysl.Statement, fn callHandler)

func StringInSlice

func StringInSlice(a string, list []string) bool


type AppDependency

type AppDependency struct {
	Self, Target AppElement
	Statement    *sysl.Statement

func (*AppDependency) String

func (dep *AppDependency) String() string

type AppElement

type AppElement struct {
	Name     string
	Endpoint string

type AppPair

type AppPair struct {
	Self   string
	Target string

type Args

type Args struct {
	Title     string
	Project   string
	Clustered bool
	Epa       bool

type IntsArg

type IntsArg struct {
	RootModel string
	Title     string
	Output    string
	Project   string
	Filter    string
	Modules   string
	Exclude   []string
	Clustered bool
	Epa       bool

type IntsBuilder

type IntsBuilder struct {
	M            *sysl.Module
	SeedApps     []string
	SeedAppsMap  syslutil.StrSet
	Passthroughs syslutil.StrSet
	Excludes     syslutil.StrSet
	FinalApps    []string
	FinalAppsMap syslutil.StrSet
	Deps         syslutil.StrSet
	DepsOut      []AppDependency

func MakeBuilderfromStmt

func MakeBuilderfromStmt(m *sysl.Module, stmts []*sysl.Statement, excludes, passthroughs syslutil.StrSet) *IntsBuilder

func (*IntsBuilder) AddCall

func (b *IntsBuilder) AddCall(appname, epname string, t *sysl.Statement)

func (*IntsBuilder) IndirectCalls

func (b *IntsBuilder) IndirectCalls(sourceApp, epname string, t *sysl.Statement)

func (*IntsBuilder) MyCallers

func (b *IntsBuilder) MyCallers(sourceApp, epname string, t *sysl.Statement)

func (*IntsBuilder) ProcessExcludeAndPassthrough

func (b *IntsBuilder) ProcessExcludeAndPassthrough(sourceApp, epname string, t *sysl.Statement)

meant to be called only for initial seed apps i.e. expect all calls to be added, except if the targetApp is in excluded list

func (*IntsBuilder) WalkPassthrough

func (b *IntsBuilder) WalkPassthrough(appname, epname string)

type IntsDiagramVisitor

type IntsDiagramVisitor struct {
	Mod           *sysl.Module
	StringBuilder *strings.Builder
	DrawableApps  map[string]struct{}
	Symbols       map[string]*cmdutils.Var
	TopSymbols    map[string]*_topVar
	Project       string

func MakeIntsDiagramVisitor

func MakeIntsDiagramVisitor(
	mod *sysl.Module, stringBuilder *strings.Builder,
	drawableApps map[string]struct{}, project string,
) *IntsDiagramVisitor

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) BuildClusterForEPAView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) BuildClusterForEPAView(deps []AppDependency, restrictBy string)

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) BuildClusterForIntsView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) BuildClusterForIntsView(apps []string) map[string]string

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) DrawIntsView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) DrawIntsView(viewParams ViewParams, params *IntsParam, nameMap map[string]string)

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) DrawSystemView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) DrawSystemView(viewParams ViewParams, params *IntsParam, nameMap map[string]string)

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) GenerateEPAView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) GenerateEPAView(viewParams ViewParams, params *IntsParam) string

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) GenerateIntsView

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) GenerateIntsView(args *Args, viewParams ViewParams, params *IntsParam) string

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForComponent

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForComponent(appName string, nameMap map[string]string) string

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForEPA

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForEPA(name string) string

func (*IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForTopState

func (v *IntsDiagramVisitor) VarManagerForTopState(appName string) string

type IntsParam

type IntsParam struct {
	Apps         []string
	DrawableApps map[string]struct{}
	Integrations []AppDependency
	App          *sysl.Application
	Endpt        *sysl.Endpoint

type ViewParams

type ViewParams struct {
	RestrictBy         string
	EndptAttrs         map[string]*sysl.Attribute
	HighLightColor     string
	ArrowColor         string
	IndirectArrowColor string
	DiagramTitle       string

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