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Published: Feb 1, 2016 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 11 Imported by: 9




##使用过程中遇到任何问题,请联系QQ: 316052486




  • 下载模块(Downloader)
  • 页面处理模块(PageProcesser)
  • 任务调度模块(Scheduler)
  • pipline



  • 完全接口话,你可以随意定制下载器,页面处理器,调度器,pipeline
  • 爬虫池思想,稳定高效

##使用说明 ###初始化爬虫

options := robot.SpiderOptions{
    TaskName:      spidername,
    PageProcesser: process.NewWww79xsComProcessor(),
    Downloader:    downloader.NewHttpDownloader("text/html; charset=gb2312"),
    Scheduler:     scheduler.NewMysqlScheduler(spidername, dbinfo),
    //Scheduler: scheduler.NewQueueScheduler(false),
    Pipelines: []robot.Pipeline{pipeline.NewPipelineMySQL(dbinfo)},
    ResourceManage: resource.NewSpidersPool(100, nil),

sp := robot.NewSpider(options)
sp.AddRequest(utils.InitRequest(start_url, map[string]string{
    "handler": "mainParse",
go sp.Run()

###详细用列见 example下


  • 2015-01-18 增加爬虫案例: example/www79xscom/ Done
  • 2015-01-18 Request结构体中增加回调函数支持,更好支持垂直爬虫的实现,具体实例见 example/www79xscom/ Done
  • 2015-01-14 增加爬虫池支持,提高爬虫系统性能 Done
  • 2015-01-07 优化目录结构 Done



Package etc_config implements config initialization of one spider.



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func Conf

func Conf() *goutils.Config

Conf gets singleton instance of Config.

func ReadHeaderFromFile

func ReadHeaderFromFile(headerFile string) http.Header

func StartConf

func StartConf(configFilePath string) *goutils.Config

StartConf is used in Spider for initialization at first time.


type CollectPipeline

type CollectPipeline interface {

	// The GetCollected returns result saved in in process's memory temporarily.
	GetCollected() []*PageItems

The interface CollectPipeline recommend result in process's memory temporarily.

type CollectPipelinePageItems

type CollectPipelinePageItems struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCollectPipelinePageItems

func NewCollectPipelinePageItems() *CollectPipelinePageItems

func (*CollectPipelinePageItems) GetCollected

func (self *CollectPipelinePageItems) GetCollected() []*PageItems

func (*CollectPipelinePageItems) Process

func (self *CollectPipelinePageItems) Process(items *PageItems, t Task)

type Downloader

type Downloader interface {
	Download(req *Request) *Page

The Downloader interface. You can implement the interface by implement function Download. Function Download need to return Page instance pointer that has request result downloaded from Request.

type Page

type Page struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Page represents an entity be crawled.

func NewPage

func NewPage(req *Request) *Page

NewPage returns initialized Page object.

func (*Page) AddField

func (self *Page) AddField(key string, value string)

AddField saves KV string pair to PageItems preparing for Pipeline

func (*Page) AddTargetRequest

func (self *Page) AddTargetRequest(req *Request) *Page

AddTargetRequest adds one new Request waitting for crawl.

func (*Page) AddTargetRequests

func (self *Page) AddTargetRequests(reqs []*Request) *Page

AddTargetRequests adds new Requests waitting for crawl.

func (*Page) Errormsg

func (self *Page) Errormsg() string

Errormsg show the download error message.

func (*Page) GetBodyStr

func (self *Page) GetBodyStr() string

GetBodyStr returns plain string crawled.

func (*Page) GetCookies

func (self *Page) GetCookies() []*http.Cookie

GetHeader returns the cookies of http responce

func (*Page) GetHeader

func (self *Page) GetHeader() http.Header

GetHeader returns the header of http responce

func (*Page) GetHtmlParser

func (self *Page) GetHtmlParser() *goquery.Document

GetHtmlParser returns goquery object binded to target crawl result.

func (*Page) GetJson

func (self *Page) GetJson() *simplejson.Json

SetJson returns json result.

func (*Page) GetPageItems

func (self *Page) GetPageItems() *PageItems

GetPageItems returns PageItems object that record KV pair parsed in PageProcesser.

func (*Page) GetRequest

func (self *Page) GetRequest() *Request

GetRequest returns request oject of self page.

func (*Page) GetSkip

func (self *Page) GetSkip() bool

GetSkip returns skip label of PageItems.

func (*Page) GetTargetRequests

func (self *Page) GetTargetRequests() []*Request

GetTargetRequests returns the target requests that will put into Scheduler

func (*Page) GetUrlTag

func (self *Page) GetUrlTag() string

GetUrlTag returns name of url.

func (*Page) IsSucc

func (self *Page) IsSucc() bool

IsSucc test whether download process success or not.

func (*Page) ResetHtmlParser

func (self *Page) ResetHtmlParser() *goquery.Document

GetHtmlParser returns goquery object binded to target crawl result.

func (*Page) SetBodyStr

func (self *Page) SetBodyStr(body string) *Page

SetBodyStr saves plain string crawled in Page.

func (*Page) SetCookies

func (self *Page) SetCookies(cookies []*http.Cookie)

SetHeader save the cookies of http responce

func (*Page) SetHeader

func (self *Page) SetHeader(header http.Header)

SetHeader save the header of http responce

func (*Page) SetHtmlParser

func (self *Page) SetHtmlParser(doc *goquery.Document) *Page

SetHtmlParser saves goquery object binded to target crawl result.

func (*Page) SetJson

func (self *Page) SetJson(js *simplejson.Json) *Page

SetJson saves json result.

func (*Page) SetRequest

func (self *Page) SetRequest(r *Request) *Page

SetRequest saves request oject of self page.

func (*Page) SetSkip

func (self *Page) SetSkip(skip bool)

SetSkip set label "skip" of PageItems. PageItems will not be saved in Pipeline wher skip is set true

func (*Page) SetStatus

func (self *Page) SetStatus(isfail bool, errormsg string)

SetStatus save status info about download process.

type PageItems

type PageItems struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PageItems represents an entity save result parsed by PageProcesser and will be output at last. 保存解析后结果

func NewPageItems

func NewPageItems(req *Request) *PageItems

NewPageItems returns initialized PageItems object. 返回一个初始化的pageitems

func (*PageItems) AddItem

func (self *PageItems) AddItem(key string, item string)

AddItem saves a KV result into PageItems.

func (*PageItems) GetAll

func (self *PageItems) GetAll() map[string]string

GetAll returns all the KVs result.

func (*PageItems) GetItem

func (self *PageItems) GetItem(key string) (string, bool)

GetItem returns value of the key.

func (*PageItems) GetRequest

func (self *PageItems) GetRequest() *Request

GetRequest returns request of PageItems

func (*PageItems) GetSkip

func (self *PageItems) GetSkip() bool

GetSkip returns skip label.

func (*PageItems) SetSkip

func (self *PageItems) SetSkip(skip bool) *PageItems

SetSkip set skip true to make self page not to be processed by Pipeline.

type PageProcesser

type PageProcesser interface {
	Process(p *Page)


type Pipeline

type Pipeline interface {
	// The Process implements result persistent.
	// The items has the result be crawled.
	// The t has informations of this crawl task.
	Process(items *PageItems, t Task)

The interface Pipeline can be implemented to customize ways of persistent. 最终抓取数据流向,需开发者自己实现,pipeline文件夹下有例子

type Request

type Request struct {
	Url string

	// Responce type: html json jsonp text
	RespType string

	Method string

	// POST data
	Postdata string

	// name for marking url and distinguish different urls in PageProcesser and Pipeline
	Urltag string

	// http header
	Header http.Header

	// http cookies
	Cookies []*http.Cookie

	//proxy host   example='localhost:80'
	ProxyHost string

	Meta interface{}

Request represents object waiting for being crawled.

func NewRequest

func NewRequest(req *Request) *Request

func (*Request) AddHeaderFile

func (self *Request) AddHeaderFile(headerFile string) *Request

point to a json file



"User-Agent":"curl/7.19.3 (i386-pc-win32) libcurl/7.19.3 OpenSSL/1.0.0d",


func (*Request) AddProxyHost

func (self *Request) AddProxyHost(host string) *Request

@host http://localhost:8765/

func (*Request) GetBaseUrl

func (self *Request) GetBaseUrl() string

获取URL路径 返回

func (*Request) GetCookies

func (self *Request) GetCookies() []*http.Cookie

func (*Request) GetHeader

func (self *Request) GetHeader() http.Header

func (*Request) GetMeta

func (self *Request) GetMeta() interface{}

func (*Request) GetMethod

func (self *Request) GetMethod() string

func (*Request) GetPostdata

func (self *Request) GetPostdata() string

func (*Request) GetProxyHost

func (self *Request) GetProxyHost() string

func (*Request) GetResponceType

func (self *Request) GetResponceType() string

func (*Request) GetUrl

func (self *Request) GetUrl() string

func (*Request) GetUrlTag

func (self *Request) GetUrlTag() string

type ResourceManage

type ResourceManage interface {
	AddTask(func(*Request), *Request)
	Has() int


type Scheduler

type Scheduler interface {
	Push(requ *Request)
	Poll() *Request
	Count() int


type Spider

type Spider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSpider

func NewSpider(options SpiderOptions) *Spider

2016-01-07 创建爬虫项目,一切从这个开始,首选需要你添加爬虫的各种选项参数,包括用哪种下载器,哪种调度器,哪种资源管理器,哪种pipeline,及页面处理器 当然,我们也为你准备了一系列写好的类,给你进行参考和使用,你可以到对应的文件夹中去寻找

func (*Spider) AddPipeline

func (self *Spider) AddPipeline(p Pipeline) *Spider

func (*Spider) AddRequest

func (self *Spider) AddRequest(req *Request) *Spider

add Request to Schedule

func (*Spider) AddRequests

func (self *Spider) AddRequests(reqs []*Request) *Spider

func (*Spider) Close

func (self *Spider) Close()

func (*Spider) CloseFileLog

func (self *Spider) CloseFileLog() *Spider

The CloseFileLog close file log.

func (*Spider) CloseStrace

func (self *Spider) CloseStrace() *Spider

The CloseStrace close strace.

func (*Spider) Get

func (self *Spider) Get(req *Request) *PageItems

Deal with one url and return the PageItems.

func (*Spider) GetAll

func (self *Spider) GetAll(reqs []*Request) []*PageItems

Deal with several urls and return the PageItems slice.

func (*Spider) GetAllByRequest

func (self *Spider) GetAllByRequest(reqs []*Request) []*PageItems

Deal with several urls and return the PageItems slice

func (*Spider) GetByRequest

func (self *Spider) GetByRequest(req *Request) *PageItems

Deal with one url and return the PageItems with other setting.

func (*Spider) GetDownloader

func (self *Spider) GetDownloader() Downloader

func (*Spider) GetExitWhenComplete

func (self *Spider) GetExitWhenComplete() bool

func (*Spider) GetScheduler

func (self *Spider) GetScheduler() Scheduler

func (*Spider) OpenFileLog

func (self *Spider) OpenFileLog(filePath string) *Spider

The OpenFileLog initialize the log path and open log. If log is opened, error info or other useful info in spider will be logged in file of the filepath. Log command is mlog.LogInst().LogError("info") or mlog.LogInst().LogInfo("info"). Spider's default log is closed. The filepath is absolute path.

func (*Spider) OpenFileLogDefault

func (self *Spider) OpenFileLogDefault() *Spider

OpenFileLogDefault open file log with default file path like "WD/log/log.2014-9-1".

func (*Spider) OpenStrace

func (self *Spider) OpenStrace() *Spider

The OpenStrace open strace that output progress info on the screen. Spider's default strace is opened.

func (*Spider) Run

func (self *Spider) Run()

func (*Spider) SetDownloader

func (self *Spider) SetDownloader(d Downloader) *Spider

func (*Spider) SetExitWhenComplete

func (self *Spider) SetExitWhenComplete(e bool) *Spider

If exit when each crawl task is done. If you want to keep spider in memory all the time and add url from outside, you can set it true.

func (*Spider) SetScheduler

func (self *Spider) SetScheduler(s Scheduler) *Spider

func (*Spider) SetSleepTime

func (self *Spider) SetSleepTime(sleeptype string, s uint, e uint) *Spider

The SetSleepTime set sleep time after each crawl task. The unit is millisecond. If sleeptype is "fixed", the s is the sleep time and e is useless. If sleeptype is "rand", the sleep time is rand between s and e.

func (*Spider) Taskname

func (self *Spider) Taskname() string

type SpiderOptions

type SpiderOptions struct {
	TaskName string
	PageProcesser PageProcesser
	Downloader Downloader
	Scheduler Scheduler
	Pipelines []Pipeline
	ResourceManage ResourceManage
	MaxGoroutineNum uint


type Task

type Task interface {
	Taskname() string

The Task represents interface that contains environment variables. It inherits by Spider.

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