Path Synopsis
dataflow Package dataflow contains the Dataflow runner for submitting pipelines to Google Cloud Dataflow.
dataflow/dataflowlib Package dataflowlib translates a Beam pipeline model to the Dataflow API job model, for submission to Google Cloud Dataflow.
direct Package direct contains the direct runner for running single-bundle pipelines in the current process.
dot Package dot is a Beam runner that "runs" a pipeline by producing a DOT graph of the execution plan.
flink Package flink contains the Flink runner.
spark Package spark contains the Spark runner.
universal Package universal contains a general-purpose runner that can submit jobs to any portable Beam runner.
universal/extworker Package extworker provides an external worker service and related utilities.
universal/runnerlib Package runnerlib contains utilities for submitting Go pipelines to a Beam model runner.
vet Package vet is a Beam runner that "runs" a pipeline by producing generated code to avoid symbol table lookups and reflection in pipeline execution.
vet/testpipeline Package testpipeline exports small test pipelines for testing the vet runner.