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func NewStaticDirectory

func NewStaticDirectory(invokers []protocol.Invoker) *staticDirectory

NewStaticDirectory Create a new staticDirectory with invokers


type BaseDirectory

type BaseDirectory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BaseDirectory Abstract implementation of Directory: Invoker list returned from this Directory's list method have been filtered by Routers

func NewBaseDirectory

func NewBaseDirectory(url *common.URL) BaseDirectory

NewBaseDirectory Create BaseDirectory with URL

func (*BaseDirectory) Destroy

func (dir *BaseDirectory) Destroy(doDestroy func())

Destroy Destroy

func (*BaseDirectory) GetDirectoryUrl

func (dir *BaseDirectory) GetDirectoryUrl() *common.URL

GetDirectoryUrl Get URL instance

func (*BaseDirectory) GetUrl

func (dir *BaseDirectory) GetUrl() *common.URL

GetUrl Get URL

func (*BaseDirectory) IsAvailable

func (dir *BaseDirectory) IsAvailable() bool

IsAvailable Once directory init finish, it will change to true

func (*BaseDirectory) RouterChain

func (dir *BaseDirectory) RouterChain() router.Chain

RouterChain Return router chain in directory

func (*BaseDirectory) SetRouterChain

func (dir *BaseDirectory) SetRouterChain(routerChain router.Chain)

SetRouterChain Set router chain in directory

func (*BaseDirectory) SetRouters

func (dir *BaseDirectory) SetRouters(urls []*common.URL)

SetRouters Convert url to routers and add them into dir.routerChain

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