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const (
	// ConsistentHash consistent hash
	ConsistentHash = "consistenthash"
	// HashNodes hash nodes
	HashNodes = "hash.nodes"
	// HashArguments key of hash arguments in url
	HashArguments = "hash.arguments"
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const (
	// RoundRobin load balancing way
	RoundRobin = "roundrobin"

	// nolint
	// nolint
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const (
	// LeastActive is used to set the load balance extension
	LeastActive = "leastactive"


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func GetWeight

func GetWeight(invoker protocol.Invoker, invocation protocol.Invocation) int64

GetWeight gets weight for load balance strategy

func NewConsistentHashLoadBalance added in v1.3.0

func NewConsistentHashLoadBalance() cluster.LoadBalance

NewConsistentHashLoadBalance creates NewConsistentHashLoadBalance

The same parameters of the request is always sent to the same provider.

func NewLeastActiveLoadBalance

func NewLeastActiveLoadBalance() cluster.LoadBalance

NewLeastActiveLoadBalance returns a least active load balance.

A random mechanism based on actives, actives means the number of a consumer's requests have been sent to provider but not yet got response.

func NewRandomLoadBalance

func NewRandomLoadBalance() cluster.LoadBalance

NewRandomLoadBalance returns a random load balance instance.

Set random probabilities by weight, and the request will be sent to provider randomly.

func NewRoundRobinLoadBalance

func NewRoundRobinLoadBalance() cluster.LoadBalance

NewRoundRobinLoadBalance returns a round robin load balance

Use the weight's common advisory to determine round robin ratio


type ConsistentHashLoadBalance added in v1.3.0

type ConsistentHashLoadBalance struct {

ConsistentHashLoadBalance implementation of load balancing: using consistent hashing

func (*ConsistentHashLoadBalance) Select added in v1.3.0

func (lb *ConsistentHashLoadBalance) Select(invokers []protocol.Invoker, invocation protocol.Invocation) protocol.Invoker

Select gets invoker based on load balancing strategy

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