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const (
	// DefaultDockerSocket is the default socket to use to communicate with docker
	DefaultDockerSocket = "/var/run/docker.sock"

	// DefaultDockerSocketType is unix
	DefaultDockerSocketType = "unix"
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const (
	// DefaultRemoteArg is the default arguments for a remote enforcer
	DefaultRemoteArg = "enforce"
	// DefaultConnMark is the default conn mark for all data packets
	DefaultConnMark = uint32(0xEEEE)
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const (
	//DefaultProxyPort  the default port the l4 proxy listens on
	DefaultProxyPort = "5000"
	//DefaultProcMountPoint The default proc mountpoint
	DefaultProcMountPoint = "/proc"
	//DefaultAporetoProcMountPoint The aporeto proc mountpoint just in case we are launched with some specific docker config
	DefaultAporetoProcMountPoint = "/aporetoproc"
	// DockerHostMode is the string of the network mode that indicates a host namespace
	DockerHostMode = "host"
	// DockerLinkedMode is the string of the network mode that indicates shared network namespace
	DockerLinkedMode = "container:"
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const (

	// AporetoEnvMountPoint is an environment variable which will contain the mount point

	// AporetoEnvContextSocket stores the path to the context specific socket
	AporetoEnvContextSocket = "APORETO_ENV_SOCKET_PATH"

	// AporetoEnvStatsChannel stores the path to the stats channel

	// AporetoEnvRPCClientSecret is the secret used between RPC client/server
	AporetoEnvRPCClientSecret = "APORETO_ENV_SECRET"

	// AporetoEnvStatsSecret is the secret to be used for the stats channel
	AporetoEnvStatsSecret = "APORETO_ENV_STATS_SECRET"

	// AporetoEnvContainerPID is the PID of the container

	// AporetoEnvNSPath is the path of the network namespace

	// AporetoEnvNsenterErrorState stores the error state as reported by remote enforcer
	AporetoEnvNsenterErrorState = "APORETO_ENV_NSENTER_ERROR_STATE"

	// AporetoEnvNsenterLogs stores the logs as reported by remote enforcer
	AporetoEnvNsenterLogs = "APORETO_ENV_NSENTER_LOGS"

	// AporetoEnvLogLevel store the log level to be used.
	AporetoEnvLogLevel = "APORETO_ENV_LOG_LEVEL"

	// AporetoEnvLogFormat store the log format to be used.
	AporetoEnvLogFormat = "APORETO_ENV_LOG_FORMAT"

	// AporetoEnvLogToConsole specifies if logs should be sent out to console.
	AporetoEnvLogToConsole = "APORETO_ENV_LOG_TO_CONSOLE"

	// AporetoEnvLogToConsoleEnable specifies value to enable logging to console.
	AporetoEnvLogToConsoleEnable = "1"

	// AporetoEnvLogID store the context Id for the log file to be used.


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type DockerMonitorMode

type DockerMonitorMode int

DockerMonitorMode defines the different modes the docker monitor can be in depending on the environment where trireme-lib is running

const (
	// DockerMode is a mode for docker monitor when trireme is running on host with just a docker daemon
	DockerMode DockerMonitorMode = iota

	// KubernetesMode is a mode for docker monitor when trireme is running on host which is part of a kubernetes cluster

	// NoProxyMode is a mode for docker monitor when trireme is running on host which is part of ECS/AWS cluster

type ModeType

type ModeType int

ModeType defines the mode of the enforcement and supervisor.

const (
	// RemoteContainer indicates that the Supervisor is implemented in the
	// container namespace
	RemoteContainer ModeType = iota
	// LocalServer indicates that the Supervisor applies to Linux processes

type PUType

type PUType int

PUType defines the PU type

const (
	// ContainerPU indicates that this PU is a container
	ContainerPU PUType = iota
	// LinuxProcessPU indicates that this is Linux process
	// KubernetesPU indicates that this is KubernetesPod
	// UIDLoginPU -- PU representing a user session
	// TransientPU PU -- placeholder to run processing. This should not
	// be inserted in any cache. This is valid only for processing a packet

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