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Published: Oct 18, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 30 Imported by: 0




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func AppendGo

func AppendGo(modPath string)

func CreateCatalogData

func CreateCatalogData() catalog.StashCatalog

func CreateConsoleReleaseFile added in v0.0.37

func CreateConsoleReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateKubeDBReleaseFile added in v0.0.16

func CreateKubeDBReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateKubeDBReleaseTable added in v0.0.16

func CreateKubeDBReleaseTable() api.ReleaseTable

func CreateKubeVaultReleaseFile added in v0.0.16

func CreateKubeVaultReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateKubeVaultReleaseTable added in v0.0.16

func CreateKubeVaultReleaseTable() api.ReleaseTable

func CreateKubeformReleaseFile added in v0.0.30

func CreateKubeformReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateKubeformReleaseTable added in v0.0.30

func CreateKubeformReleaseTable() api.ReleaseTable

func CreateStashReleaseFile added in v0.0.16

func CreateStashReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateStashReleaseTable added in v0.0.16

func CreateStashReleaseTable() api.ReleaseTable

func CreateVoyagerReleaseFile added in v0.0.36

func CreateVoyagerReleaseFile() api.Release

func CreateVoyagerReleaseTable added in v0.0.36

func CreateVoyagerReleaseTable() (*api.ReleaseTable, error)

func DetectGoMod

func DetectGoMod(dir string) string

func GenerateTable

func GenerateTable() api.ReleaseTable

func MergedCommitSHA

func MergedCommitSHA(repoURL, branch string, useCherryPick bool) (string, bool)

func MustTime

func MustTime(t time.Time, e error) time.Time

func NewCmdConsole added in v0.0.37

func NewCmdConsole() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdConsoleCreateRelease added in v0.0.37

func NewCmdConsoleCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeDB added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeDB() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeDBCreateRelease added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeDBCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeDBRecordLegacyReleases added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeDBRecordLegacyReleases() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeVault added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeVault() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeVaultCreateRelease added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeVaultCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeVaultRecordLegacyReleases added in v0.0.16

func NewCmdKubeVaultRecordLegacyReleases() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeform added in v0.0.30

func NewCmdKubeform() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeformCreateRelease added in v0.0.30

func NewCmdKubeformCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdKubeformRecordLegacyReleases added in v0.0.30

func NewCmdKubeformRecordLegacyReleases() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdRelease

func NewCmdRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdReleaseReadme

func NewCmdReleaseReadme() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdReleaseRun

func NewCmdReleaseRun() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStash

func NewCmdStash() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStashCreateCatalog

func NewCmdStashCreateCatalog() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStashCreateRelease added in v0.0.2

func NewCmdStashCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStashGenCatalog

func NewCmdStashGenCatalog() *cobra.Command
release-automaton stash gen-catalog \
  --release-file=/home/tamal/go/src/ \

func NewCmdStashRecordLegacyReleases

func NewCmdStashRecordLegacyReleases() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdUpdateAssets

func NewCmdUpdateAssets() *cobra.Command
release-automaton update-assets \
  --release-file=${SCRIPT_ROOT}/v2020.6.16/release.json \

func NewCmdUpdateBundles

func NewCmdUpdateBundles() *cobra.Command
release-automaton update-bundles \
  --release-file=/home/tamal/go/src/ \
  --workspace=/home/tamal/go/src/ \

func NewCmdUpdateEnvVars added in v0.0.22

func NewCmdUpdateEnvVars() *cobra.Command
release-automaton update-vars \
  --env-file=/home/tamal/go/src/ \

func NewCmdVoyager added in v0.0.36

func NewCmdVoyager() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdVoyagerCreateRelease added in v0.0.36

func NewCmdVoyagerCreateRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdVoyagerRecordLegacyReleases added in v0.0.36

func NewCmdVoyagerRecordLegacyReleases() *cobra.Command

func NewRootCmd

func NewRootCmd() *cobra.Command

func PrepareExternalProject

func PrepareExternalProject(gh *github.Client, sh *shell.Session, releaseTracker, repoURL string, project api.ProjectMeta) error

func PrepareProject

func PrepareProject(gh *github.Client, sh *shell.Session, releaseTracker, repoURL string, project api.Project) error

func ProjectCherryPicked

func ProjectCherryPicked(repoURL string, project api.Project) bool

func ProjectsDone

func ProjectsDone(projects api.IndependentProjects) bool

func ReleaseProject

func ReleaseProject(sh *shell.Session, releaseTracker, repoURL string, project api.Project) error

func UpdateChartIndex added in v0.0.25

func UpdateChartIndex(gh *github.Client, sh *shell.Session, repoURL string) error

func UpdateGoMod

func UpdateGoMod(dir string)


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