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Package configauditreport provides primitives for working with Kubernetes workload configuration checkers.



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func GetScanJobName added in v0.10.2

func GetScanJobName(obj client.Object) string


type Plugin added in v0.9.0

type Plugin interface {

	// Init is a callback to initialize this plugin, e.g. ensure the default
	// configuration.
	Init(ctx starboard.PluginContext) error

	// GetScanJobSpec describes the pod that will be created by Starboard when
	// it schedules a Kubernetes job to scan the specified workload client.Object.
	// The plugin might return zero to many v1.Secret objects which will be
	// created by Starboard and associated with the scan job.
	GetScanJobSpec(ctx starboard.PluginContext, obj client.Object) (corev1.PodSpec, []*corev1.Secret, error)

	// ParseConfigAuditReportData is a callback to parse and convert logs of
	// the container in a pod controlled by the scan job to v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReportData.
	ParseConfigAuditReportData(ctx starboard.PluginContext, logsReader io.ReadCloser) (v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReportData, error)

	// GetContainerName returns the name of the container in a pod created by a scan job
	// to read logs from.
	GetContainerName() string

	// ConfigHash returns hash of the plugin's configuration settings. The computed hash
	// is used to invalidate v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport and v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport
	// objects whenever configuration applicable to the specified resource kind changes.
	ConfigHash(ctx starboard.PluginContext, kind kube.Kind) (string, error)

	// SupportedKinds returns kinds supported by this plugin.
	SupportedKinds() []kube.Kind

	// IsApplicable return true if the given object can be scanned by this
	// plugin, false otherwise.
	IsApplicable(ctx starboard.PluginContext, obj client.Object) (bool, string, error)

Plugin defines the interface between Starboard and Kubernetes workload configuration checkers / linters / sanitizers.

type ReadWriter

type ReadWriter interface {

func NewReadWriter

func NewReadWriter(client client.Client) ReadWriter

NewReadWriter constructs a new ReadWriter which is using the client package provided by the controller-runtime libraries for interacting with the Kubernetes API server.

type Reader

type Reader interface {

	// FindReportByOwner returns a v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport owned by the given
	// kube.Object or nil if the report is not found.
	FindReportByOwner(ctx context.Context, owner kube.Object) (*v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport, error)

	// FindReportByOwnerInHierarchy is similar to FindReportByOwner except that it tries to lookup
	// a v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport object owned by related Kubernetes objects.
	// For example, if the given owner is a Deployment, but a report is owned by the
	// active ReplicaSet (current revision) this method will return the report.
	FindReportByOwnerInHierarchy(ctx context.Context, owner kube.Object) (*v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport, error)

	// FindClusterReportByOwner returns a v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport owned by the given
	// kube.Object or nil if the report is not found.
	FindClusterReportByOwner(ctx context.Context, owner kube.Object) (*v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport, error)

Reader is the interface that wraps methods for finding v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport and v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport objects. TODO(danielpacak): Consider returning starboard.ResourceNotFound error instead of returning nil.

type ReportBuilder added in v0.10.2

type ReportBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReportBuilder added in v0.10.2

func NewReportBuilder(scheme *runtime.Scheme) *ReportBuilder

func (*ReportBuilder) Controller added in v0.10.2

func (b *ReportBuilder) Controller(controller client.Object) *ReportBuilder

func (*ReportBuilder) Data added in v0.10.2

func (*ReportBuilder) GetClusterReport added in v0.12.0

func (b *ReportBuilder) GetClusterReport() (v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport, error)

func (*ReportBuilder) GetReport added in v0.12.0

func (b *ReportBuilder) GetReport() (v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport, error)

func (*ReportBuilder) PluginConfigHash added in v0.10.2

func (b *ReportBuilder) PluginConfigHash(hash string) *ReportBuilder

func (*ReportBuilder) ResourceSpecHash added in v0.12.0

func (b *ReportBuilder) ResourceSpecHash(hash string) *ReportBuilder

func (*ReportBuilder) Write added in v0.12.0

func (b *ReportBuilder) Write(ctx context.Context, writer Writer) error

type ScanJobBuilder added in v0.10.2

type ScanJobBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewScanJobBuilder added in v0.13.0

func NewScanJobBuilder() *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) Get added in v0.10.2

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) Get() (*batchv1.Job, []*corev1.Secret, error)

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithAnnotations added in v0.12.0

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithObject added in v0.10.2

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithObject(object client.Object) *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithPlugin added in v0.10.2

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithPlugin(plugin Plugin) *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithPluginContext added in v0.10.2

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithPluginContext(pluginContext starboard.PluginContext) *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithTimeout added in v0.10.2

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithTimeout(timeout time.Duration) *ScanJobBuilder

func (*ScanJobBuilder) WithTolerations added in v0.11.0

func (s *ScanJobBuilder) WithTolerations(tolerations []corev1.Toleration) *ScanJobBuilder

type Scanner added in v0.9.0

type Scanner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewScanner added in v0.9.0

func NewScanner(
	clientset kubernetes.Interface,
	client client.Client,
	plugin Plugin,
	pluginContext starboard.PluginContext,
	config starboard.ConfigData,
	opts kube.ScannerOpts,
) *Scanner

func (*Scanner) Scan added in v0.9.0

func (s *Scanner) Scan(ctx context.Context, partial kube.Object) (*ReportBuilder, error)

type Writer

type Writer interface {

	// WriteReport creates or updates the given v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport instance.
	WriteReport(ctx context.Context, report v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport) error

	// WriteClusterReport creates or updates the given v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport instance.
	WriteClusterReport(ctx context.Context, report v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport) error

Writer is the interface for saving v1alpha1.ClusterConfigAuditReport and v1alpha1.ConfigAuditReport instances.

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