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func NewServer

func NewServer(
	namespace string,
	kubeclientset kubernetes.Interface,
	appclientset appclientset.Interface,
	appLister applisters.ApplicationNamespaceLister,
	appInformer cache.SharedIndexInformer,
	repoClientset apiclient.Clientset,
	cache *servercache.Cache,
	kubectl kube.Kubectl,
	db db.ArgoDB,
	enf *rbac.Enforcer,
	projectLock sync.KeyLock,
	settingsMgr *settings.SettingsManager,
	projInformer cache.SharedIndexInformer,
) application.ApplicationServiceServer

NewServer returns a new instance of the Application service


type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server provides a Application service

func (*Server) Create

Create creates an application

func (*Server) Delete

Delete removes an application and all associated resources

func (*Server) DeleteResource

DeleteResource deletes a specified resource

func (*Server) Get

Get returns an application by name

func (*Server) GetManifests

GetManifests returns application manifests

func (*Server) List

List returns list of applications

func (*Server) ListResourceEvents

ListResourceEvents returns a list of event resources

func (*Server) Patch

Patch patches an application

func (*Server) PatchResource

PatchResource patches a resource

func (*Server) ResourceTree

func (*Server) Rollback

func (*Server) Sync

Sync syncs an application to its target state

func (*Server) Update

Update updates an application

func (*Server) UpdateSpec

UpdateSpec updates an application spec and filters out any invalid parameter overrides