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const (
	BasicAuthScheme  = "Basic"
	BearerAuthScheme = "Bearer"


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func ConfigToExecCluster added in v3.2.0

func ConfigToExecCluster(config *restclient.Config) (*clientauthenticationapi.Cluster, error)

ConfigToExecCluster creates a clientauthentication.Cluster with the corresponding fields from the provided Config

func DefaultRestConfig

func DefaultRestConfig() (*restclient.Config, error)

get the default one from the filesystem

func GetAuthString

func GetAuthString(in *restclient.Config, explicitKubeConfigPath string) (string, error)

Return the AuthString include Auth type(Basic or Bearer)

func GetBasicAuthToken

func GetBasicAuthToken(in *restclient.Config) (string, error)

func GetBasicRestConfig

func GetBasicRestConfig(username, password string) (*restclient.Config, error)

convert a basic token (username, password) into a REST config

func GetBearerRestConfig

func GetBearerRestConfig(token string) (*restclient.Config, error)

convert a bearer token into a REST config

func GetBearerToken

func GetBearerToken(in *restclient.Config, explicitKubeConfigPath string) (string, error)

convert the REST config into a bearer token

func GetRestConfig

func GetRestConfig(token string) (*restclient.Config, error)

func IsBasicAuthScheme

func IsBasicAuthScheme(token string) bool

func IsBearerAuthScheme

func IsBearerAuthScheme(token string) bool

func RefreshAuthToken

func RefreshAuthToken(in *restclient.Config) error

func RefreshTokenIfExpired

func RefreshTokenIfExpired(restConfig *restclient.Config, explicitPath, curentToken string) (string, error)

func ReloadKubeConfig

func ReloadKubeConfig(explicitPath string) clientcmd.ClientConfig


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