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func GetOssDirectory added in v3.2.0

func GetOssDirectory(bucket *oss.Bucket, objectName, path string) error

GetOssDirectory download an OSS "directory" to local path

func IsOssDirectory added in v3.2.0

func IsOssDirectory(bucket *oss.Bucket, objectName string) (bool, error)

IsDirectory tests if the key is acting like a OSS directory. This just means it has at least one object which is prefixed with the given key

func IsOssErrCode added in v3.2.0

func IsOssErrCode(err error, code string) bool

IsOssErrCode tests if an err is an oss.ServiceError with the specified code

func ListOssDirectory added in v3.2.0

func ListOssDirectory(bucket *oss.Bucket, objectKey string) (files []string, err error)

ListOssDirectory lists all the files which are the descendants of the specified objectKey, if a file has suffix '/', then it is an OSS directory


type ArtifactDriver added in v3.1.0

type ArtifactDriver struct {
	Endpoint      string
	AccessKey     string
	SecretKey     string
	SecurityToken string

ArtifactDriver is a driver for OSS

func (*ArtifactDriver) ListObjects added in v3.1.0

func (ossDriver *ArtifactDriver) ListObjects(artifact *wfv1.Artifact) ([]string, error)

func (*ArtifactDriver) Load added in v3.1.0

func (ossDriver *ArtifactDriver) Load(inputArtifact *wfv1.Artifact, path string) error

Load downloads artifacts from OSS compliant storage, e.g., downloading an artifact into local path

func (*ArtifactDriver) Save added in v3.1.0

func (ossDriver *ArtifactDriver) Save(path string, outputArtifact *wfv1.Artifact) error

Save stores an artifact to OSS compliant storage, e.g., uploading a local file to OSS bucket

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