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const ServiceName = "swagger"

ServiceName is the name of the service as defined in the design. This is the same value that is set in the endpoint request contexts under the ServiceKey key.


var MethodNames = [0]string{}

MethodNames lists the service method names as defined in the design. These are the same values that are set in the endpoint request contexts under the MethodKey key.

type Client

type Client struct {

Client is the "swagger" service client.

func NewClient

func NewClient(goa.Endpoint) *Client

NewClient initializes a "swagger" service client given the endpoints.

type Endpoints

type Endpoints struct {

Endpoints wraps the "swagger" service endpoints.

func NewEndpoints

func NewEndpoints(s Service) *Endpoints

NewEndpoints wraps the methods of the "swagger" service with endpoints.

func (*Endpoints) Use

func (e *Endpoints) Use(m func(goa.Endpoint) goa.Endpoint)

Use applies the given middleware to all the "swagger" service endpoints.

type Service

type Service interface {

The swagger service serves the API swagger definition.

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