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const (
	// DefaultLeaseDuration is a suggested controller LeaseDuration:
	// LeaseDuration is the duration that non-leader candidates will
	// wait to force acquire leadership. This is measured against time of
	// last observed ack.
	DefaultLeaseDuration = 15 * time.Second
	// DefaultRenewDeadline is a suggested controller RenewDeadline:
	// RenewDeadline is the duration that the acting master will retry
	// refreshing leadership before giving up.
	DefaultRenewDeadline = 10 * time.Second
	// DefaultRetryPeriod is a suggested controller RetryPeriod:
	// RetryPeriod is the duration the LeaderElector clients should wait
	// between tries of actions.
	DefaultRetryPeriod = 2 * time.Second
	// DefaultTermLimit is a suggested controller TermLimit:
	// TermLimit is the maximum duration that a leader may remain the leader
	// to complete the task before it must give up its leadership. 0 for forever
	// or indefinite.
	DefaultTermLimit = 30 * time.Second


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type IgnoredError

type IgnoredError struct {
	Reason string

IgnoredError is the value for Delete to return to indicate that the call has been ignored and no action taken. In case multiple provisioners are serving the same storage class, provisioners may ignore PVs they are not responsible for (e.g. ones they didn't create). The controller will act accordingly, i.e. it won't emit a misleading VolumeFailedDelete event.

func (*IgnoredError) Error

func (e *IgnoredError) Error() string

type ProvisionController

type ProvisionController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProvisionController is a controller that provisions PersistentVolumes for PersistentVolumeClaims.

func NewProvisionController

func NewProvisionController(
	client kubernetes.Interface,
	resyncPeriod time.Duration,
	provisionerName string,
	provisioner Provisioner,
	serverGitVersion string,
	exponentialBackOffOnError bool,
	failedRetryThreshold int,
	leaseDuration time.Duration,
	renewDeadline time.Duration,
	retryPeriod time.Duration,
	termLimit time.Duration,
) *ProvisionController

NewProvisionController creates a new provision controller

func (*ProvisionController) Run

func (ctrl *ProvisionController) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run starts all of this controller's control loops

type Provisioner

type Provisioner interface {
	// Provision creates a volume i.e. the storage asset and returns a PV object
	// for the volume
	Provision(VolumeOptions) (*v1.PersistentVolume, error)
	// Delete removes the storage asset that was created by Provision backing the
	// given PV. Does not delete the PV object itself.
	// May return IgnoredError to indicate that the call has been ignored and no
	// action taken.
	Delete(*v1.PersistentVolume) error

Provisioner is an interface that creates templates for PersistentVolumes and can create the volume as a new resource in the infrastructure provider. It can also remove the volume it created from the underlying storage provider.

type VolumeOptions

type VolumeOptions struct {
	// Reclamation policy for a persistent volume
	PersistentVolumeReclaimPolicy v1.PersistentVolumeReclaimPolicy
	// PV.Name of the appropriate PersistentVolume. Used to generate cloud
	// volume name.
	PVName string
	// PVC is reference to the claim that lead to provisioning of a new PV.
	// Provisioners *must* create a PV that would be matched by this PVC,
	// i.e. with required capacity, accessMode, labels matching PVC.Selector and
	// so on.
	PVC *v1.PersistentVolumeClaim
	// Volume provisioning parameters from StorageClass
	Parameters map[string]string

VolumeOptions contains option information about a volume

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