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const (
	LeaderElectionRecordAnnotationKey = ""


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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// Get returns the LeaderElectionRecord
	Get() (*LeaderElectionRecord, error)

	// Create attempts to create a LeaderElectionRecord
	Create(ler LeaderElectionRecord) error

	// Update will update and existing LeaderElectionRecord
	Update(ler LeaderElectionRecord) error

	// RecordEvent is used to record events

	// Identity will return the locks Identity
	Identity() string

	// Describe is used to convert details on current resource lock
	// into a string
	Describe() string

Interface offers a common interface for locking on arbitrary resources used in leader election. The Interface is used to hide the details on specific implementations in order to allow them to change over time. This interface is strictly for use by the leaderelection code.

type LeaderElectionRecord

type LeaderElectionRecord struct {
	HolderIdentity       string      `json:"holderIdentity"`
	LeaseDurationSeconds int         `json:"leaseDurationSeconds"`
	AcquireTime          metav1.Time `json:"acquireTime"`
	RenewTime            metav1.Time `json:"renewTime"`
	LeaderTransitions    int         `json:"leaderTransitions"`

LeaderElectionRecord is the record that is stored in the leader election annotation. This information should be used for observational purposes only and could be replaced with a random string (e.g. UUID) with only slight modification of this code. TODO(mikedanese): this should potentially be versioned

type ProvisionPVCLock

type ProvisionPVCLock struct {
	// PVCMeta should contain a Name and a Namespace of a PVC
	// object that the LeaderElector will attempt to lead.
	PVCMeta    metav1.ObjectMeta
	Client     clientset.Interface
	LockConfig ResourceLockConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProvisionPVCLock is a lock on an existing PVC to provision a PV for

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) Create

Create is not allowed, the PVC should already exist

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) Describe

func (pl *ProvisionPVCLock) Describe() string

Describe is used to convert details on current resource lock into a string

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) Get

Get returns the LeaderElectionRecord

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) Identity

func (pl *ProvisionPVCLock) Identity() string

Identity returns the Identity of the lock

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) RecordEvent

func (pl *ProvisionPVCLock) RecordEvent(s string)

RecordEvent in leader election while adding meta-data

func (*ProvisionPVCLock) Update

Update will update and existing annotation on a given resource.

type ResourceLockConfig

type ResourceLockConfig struct {
	Identity      string
	EventRecorder record.EventRecorder

ResourceLockConfig common data that exists across different resource locks

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