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type VolumeCache

type VolumeCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

VolumeCache keeps all the PersistentVolumes that have been created by this provisioner. It is periodically updated by the Populator. The Deleter and Discoverer use the VolumeCache to check on created PVs

func NewVolumeCache

func NewVolumeCache() *VolumeCache

NewVolumeCache creates a new PV cache object for storing PVs created by this provisioner.

func (*VolumeCache) AddPV

func (cache *VolumeCache) AddPV(pv *v1.PersistentVolume)

AddPV adds the PV object to the cache

func (*VolumeCache) DeletePV

func (cache *VolumeCache) DeletePV(pvName string)

DeletePV deletes the PV object from the cache

func (*VolumeCache) GetPV

func (cache *VolumeCache) GetPV(pvName string) (*v1.PersistentVolume, bool)

GetPV returns the PV object given the PV name

func (*VolumeCache) ListPVs

func (cache *VolumeCache) ListPVs() []*v1.PersistentVolume

ListPVs returns a list of all the PVs in the cache

func (*VolumeCache) UpdatePV

func (cache *VolumeCache) UpdatePV(pv *v1.PersistentVolume)

UpdatePV updates the PV object in the cache

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