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type LDAPInterface

type LDAPInterface struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    LDAPInterface extracts the member list of an LDAP group entry from an LDAP server with first-class LDAP entries for groups. The LDAPInterface is *NOT* thread-safe.

    func NewLDAPInterface

    func NewLDAPInterface(clientConfig ldapclient.Config,
    	groupQuery ldapquery.LDAPQueryOnAttribute,
    	groupNameAttributes []string,
    	groupMembershipAttributes []string,
    	userQuery ldapquery.LDAPQueryOnAttribute,
    	userNameAttributes []string,
    	errorHandler syncerror.Handler) *LDAPInterface

      NewLDAPInterface builds a new LDAPInterface using a schema-appropriate config

      func (*LDAPInterface) Exists

      func (e *LDAPInterface) Exists(ldapGroupUID string) (bool, error)

        Exists determines if a group idenified with its LDAP group UID exists on the LDAP server

        func (*LDAPInterface) ExtractMembers

        func (e *LDAPInterface) ExtractMembers(ldapGroupUID string) ([]*ldap.Entry, error)

          ExtractMembers returns the LDAP member entries for a group specified with a ldapGroupUID

          func (*LDAPInterface) GroupEntryFor

          func (e *LDAPInterface) GroupEntryFor(ldapGroupUID string) (*ldap.Entry, error)

            GroupEntryFor returns an LDAP group entry for the given group UID by searching the internal cache of the LDAPInterface first, then sending an LDAP query if the cache did not contain the entry. This also satisfies the LDAPGroupGetter interface

            func (*LDAPInterface) ListGroups

            func (e *LDAPInterface) ListGroups() ([]string, error)

              ListGroups queries for all groups as configured with the common group filter and returns their LDAP group UIDs. This also satisfies the LDAPGroupLister interface