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Package broker is an interface used for asynchronous messaging

Package http provides a http based message broker



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var (
	DefaultPath    = "/"
	DefaultAddress = ""


func Connect

func Connect() error

func Disconnect

func Disconnect() error

func Init

func Init(opts ...Option) error

func Publish

func Publish(topic string, msg *Message, opts ...PublishOption) error

func String

func String() string


type Broker

type Broker interface {
	Init(...Option) error
	Options() Options
	Address() string
	Connect() error
	Disconnect() error
	Publish(topic string, m *Message, opts ...PublishOption) error
	Subscribe(topic string, h Handler, opts ...SubscribeOption) (Subscriber, error)
	String() string

Broker is an interface used for asynchronous messaging.

var (
	DefaultBroker Broker = NewBroker()

func NewBroker

func NewBroker(opts ...Option) Broker

NewBroker returns a new http broker

type Event

type Event interface {
	Topic() string
	Message() *Message
	Ack() error
	Error() error

Event is given to a subscription handler for processing

type Handler

type Handler func(Event) error

Handler is used to process messages via a subscription of a topic. The handler is passed a publication interface which contains the message and optional Ack method to acknowledge receipt of the message.

type Message

type Message struct {
	Header map[string]string
	Body   []byte

type Option

type Option func(*Options)

func Addrs

func Addrs(addrs ...string) Option

Addrs sets the host addresses to be used by the broker

func Codec

func Codec(c codec.Marshaler) Option

Codec sets the codec used for encoding/decoding used where a broker does not support headers

func ErrorHandler

func ErrorHandler(h Handler) Option

ErrorHandler will catch all broker errors that cant be handled in normal way, for example Codec errors

func Registry

func Registry(r registry.Registry) Option

func Secure

func Secure(b bool) Option

Secure communication with the broker

func TLSConfig

func TLSConfig(t *tls.Config) Option

Specify TLS Config

type Options

type Options struct {
	Addrs  []string
	Secure bool
	Codec  codec.Marshaler

	// Handler executed when error happens in broker mesage
	// processing
	ErrorHandler Handler

	TLSConfig *tls.Config
	// Registry used for clustering
	Registry registry.Registry
	// Other options for implementations of the interface
	// can be stored in a context
	Context context.Context

type PublishOption

type PublishOption func(*PublishOptions)

func PublishContext

func PublishContext(ctx context.Context) PublishOption

PublishContext set context

type PublishOptions

type PublishOptions struct {
	// Other options for implementations of the interface
	// can be stored in a context
	Context context.Context

type SubscribeOption

type SubscribeOption func(*SubscribeOptions)

func DisableAutoAck

func DisableAutoAck() SubscribeOption

DisableAutoAck will disable auto acking of messages after they have been handled.

func Queue

func Queue(name string) SubscribeOption

Queue sets the name of the queue to share messages on

func SubscribeContext

func SubscribeContext(ctx context.Context) SubscribeOption

SubscribeContext set context

type SubscribeOptions

type SubscribeOptions struct {
	// AutoAck defaults to true. When a handler returns
	// with a nil error the message is acked.
	AutoAck bool
	// Subscribers with the same queue name
	// will create a shared subscription where each
	// receives a subset of messages.
	Queue string

	// Other options for implementations of the interface
	// can be stored in a context
	Context context.Context

func NewSubscribeOptions

func NewSubscribeOptions(opts ...SubscribeOption) SubscribeOptions

type Subscriber

type Subscriber interface {
	Options() SubscribeOptions
	Topic() string
	Unsubscribe() error

Subscriber is a convenience return type for the Subscribe method

func Subscribe

func Subscribe(topic string, handler Handler, opts ...SubscribeOption) (Subscriber, error)

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