Package metadata is a way of defining message headers



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    func Delete

    func Delete(ctx context.Context, k string) context.Context

      Delete key from metadata

      func Get

      func Get(ctx context.Context, key string) (string, bool)

        Get returns a single value from metadata in the context

        func MergeContext

        func MergeContext(ctx context.Context, patchMd Metadata, overwrite bool) context.Context

          MergeContext merges metadata to existing metadata, overwriting if specified

          func NewContext

          func NewContext(ctx context.Context, md Metadata) context.Context

            NewContext creates a new context with the given metadata

            func Set

            func Set(ctx context.Context, k, v string) context.Context

              Set add key with val to metadata


              type Metadata

              type Metadata map[string]string

                Metadata is our way of representing request headers internally. They're used at the RPC level and translate back and forth from Transport headers.

                func Copy

                func Copy(md Metadata) Metadata

                  Copy makes a copy of the metadata

                  func FromContext

                  func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (Metadata, bool)

                    FromContext returns metadata from the given context

                    func (Metadata) Delete

                    func (md Metadata) Delete(key string)

                    func (Metadata) Get

                    func (md Metadata) Get(key string) (string, bool)

                    func (Metadata) Set

                    func (md Metadata) Set(key, val string)

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