Package syncs will sync multiple stores



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    type Option

    type Option func(o *Options)

      Option sets Sync Options

      func Stores

      func Stores(stores Option

        Stores sets the layers that make up the sync

        func SyncInterval

        func SyncInterval(d time.Duration) Option

          SyncInterval sets the duration between syncs from L0 to L1

          func SyncMultiplier

          func SyncMultiplier(i int64) Option

            SyncMultiplier sets the multiplication factor for time to wait each sync layer

            type Options

            type Options struct {
            	// Stores represents layers in the sync in ascending order. L0, L1, L2, etc
            	Stores []store.Store
            	// SyncInterval is the duration between syncs from L0 to L1
            	SyncInterval time.Duration
            	// SyncMultiplier is the multiplication factor between each store.
            	SyncMultiplier int64

              Options represents Sync options

              type Sync

              type Sync interface {
              	// Implements the store interface
              	// Force a full sync
              	Sync() error

                Sync implements a sync in for stores

                func NewSync

                func NewSync(opts ...Option) Sync

                  NewSync returns a new Sync