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Package memcache for cache provider

depend on

go install

Usage: import(

_ ""


bm, err := cache.NewCache("memcache", `{"conn":""}`)

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func NewMemCache

func NewMemCache() cache.Cache

NewMemCache create new memcache adapter.


type Cache

type Cache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache Memcache adapter.

func (*Cache) ClearAll

func (rc *Cache) ClearAll() error

ClearAll clear all cached in memcache.

func (*Cache) Decr

func (rc *Cache) Decr(key string) error

Decr decrease counter.

func (*Cache) Delete

func (rc *Cache) Delete(key string) error

Delete delete value in memcache.

func (*Cache) Get

func (rc *Cache) Get(key string) interface{}

Get get value from memcache.

func (*Cache) GetMulti

func (rc *Cache) GetMulti(keys []string) []interface{}

GetMulti get value from memcache.

func (*Cache) Incr

func (rc *Cache) Incr(key string) error

Incr increase counter.

func (*Cache) IsExist

func (rc *Cache) IsExist(key string) bool

IsExist check value exists in memcache.

func (*Cache) Put

func (rc *Cache) Put(key string, val interface{}, timeout time.Duration) error

Put put value to memcache.

func (*Cache) StartAndGC

func (rc *Cache) StartAndGC(config string) error

StartAndGC start memcache adapter. config string is like {"conn":"connection info"}. if connecting error, return.

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