Package pagination provides utilities to setup a paginator within the context of a http request.


In your beego.Controller:

package controllers

import ""

type PostsController struct {

func (this *PostsController) ListAllPosts() {
    // sets this.Data["paginator"] with the current offset (from the url query param)
    postsPerPage := 20
    paginator := pagination.SetPaginator(this.Ctx, postsPerPage, CountPosts())

    // fetch the next 20 posts
    this.Data["posts"] = ListPostsByOffsetAndLimit(paginator.Offset(), postsPerPage)

In your view templates:

{{if .paginator.HasPages}}
<ul class="pagination pagination">
    {{if .paginator.HasPrev}}
        <li><a href="{{.paginator.PageLinkFirst}}">{{ i18n .Lang "paginator.first_page"}}</a></li>
        <li><a href="{{.paginator.PageLinkPrev}}">&laquo;</a></li>
        <li class="disabled"><a>{{ i18n .Lang "paginator.first_page"}}</a></li>
        <li class="disabled"><a>&laquo;</a></li>
    {{range $index, $page := .paginator.Pages}}
        <li{{if $.paginator.IsActive .}} class="active"{{end}}>
            <a href="{{$.paginator.PageLink $page}}">{{$page}}</a>
    {{if .paginator.HasNext}}
        <li><a href="{{.paginator.PageLinkNext}}">&raquo;</a></li>
        <li><a href="{{.paginator.PageLinkLast}}">{{ i18n .Lang "paginator.last_page"}}</a></li>
        <li class="disabled"><a>&raquo;</a></li>
        <li class="disabled"><a>{{ i18n .Lang "paginator.last_page"}}</a></li>

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type Paginator

type Paginator struct {
	Request     *http.Request
	PerPageNums int
	MaxPages    int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Paginator within the state of a http request.

    func NewPaginator

    func NewPaginator(req *http.Request, per int, nums interface{}) *Paginator

      NewPaginator Instantiates a paginator struct for the current http request.

      func SetPaginator

      func SetPaginator(context *context.Context, per int, nums int64) (paginator *Paginator)

        SetPaginator Instantiates a Paginator and assigns it to context.Input.Data("paginator").

        func (*Paginator) HasNext

        func (p *Paginator) HasNext() bool

          HasNext Returns true if the current page has a successor.

          func (*Paginator) HasPages

          func (p *Paginator) HasPages() bool

            HasPages Returns true if there is more than one page.

            func (*Paginator) HasPrev

            func (p *Paginator) HasPrev() bool

              HasPrev Returns true if the current page has a predecessor.

              func (*Paginator) IsActive

              func (p *Paginator) IsActive(page int) bool

                IsActive Returns true if the given page index points to the current page.

                func (*Paginator) Nums

                func (p *Paginator) Nums() int64

                  Nums Returns the total number of items (e.g. from doing SQL count).

                  func (*Paginator) Offset

                  func (p *Paginator) Offset() int

                    Offset Returns the current offset.

                    func (*Paginator) Page

                    func (p *Paginator) Page() int

                      Page Returns the current page.

                      func (p *Paginator) PageLink(page int) string

                        PageLink Returns URL for a given page index.

                        func (*Paginator) PageLinkFirst

                        func (p *Paginator) PageLinkFirst() (link string)

                          PageLinkFirst Returns URL to the first page.

                          func (*Paginator) PageLinkLast

                          func (p *Paginator) PageLinkLast() (link string)

                            PageLinkLast Returns URL to the last page.

                            func (*Paginator) PageLinkNext

                            func (p *Paginator) PageLinkNext() (link string)

                              PageLinkNext Returns URL to the next page.

                              func (*Paginator) PageLinkPrev

                              func (p *Paginator) PageLinkPrev() (link string)

                                PageLinkPrev Returns URL to the previous page.

                                func (*Paginator) PageNums

                                func (p *Paginator) PageNums() int

                                  PageNums Returns the total number of pages.

                                  func (*Paginator) Pages

                                  func (p *Paginator) Pages() []int

                                    Pages Returns a list of all pages.

                                    Usage (in a view template):

                                    {{range $index, $page := .paginator.Pages}}
                                      <li{{if $.paginator.IsActive .}} class="active"{{end}}>
                                        <a href="{{$.paginator.PageLink $page}}">{{$page}}</a>

                                    func (*Paginator) SetNums

                                    func (p *Paginator) SetNums(nums interface{})

                                      SetNums Sets the total number of items.