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Published: Oct 5, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type Config

type Config struct {
	AppName      string
	Logger       *zap.Logger
	Namespace    string
	ResyncPeriod time.Duration
	Registry     prometheus.Registerer

	RestConfig *rest.Config
	MainClient kubernetes.Interface

type Constructed

type Constructed struct {
	// Interface holds an optional controller interface.
	Interface Interface
	// Server holds an optional server interface.
	Server Server

type Constructor

type Constructor interface {
	// New constructs a new controller and/or server.
	// If it constructs a controller, it must register an informer for the GVK controller
	// handles via Context.RegisterInformer().
	New(*Config, *Context) (*Constructed, error)
	Describe() Descriptor

type Context

type Context struct {
	// ReadyForWork is a function that the controller must call from its Run() method once it is ready to
	// process work using it's Process() method. This should be used to delay processing while some initialization
	// is being performed.
	ReadyForWork func()
	// Middleware is the standard middleware that is supposed to be used to wrap the http handler of the server.
	Middleware func(http.Handler) http.Handler
	// Will contain all informers once Generic controller constructs all controllers.
	// This is a read only field, must not be modified.
	Informers map[schema.GroupVersionKind]cache.SharedIndexInformer
	// Will contain all controllers once Generic controller constructs them.
	// This is a read only field, must not be modified.
	Controllers map[schema.GroupVersionKind]Interface
	WorkQueue   WorkQueueProducer

func (*Context) RegisterInformer

func (c *Context) RegisterInformer(gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, inf cache.SharedIndexInformer) error

type Descriptor

type Descriptor struct {
	// Group Version Kind of objects a controller can process.
	Gvk schema.GroupVersionKind

type FlagSet

type FlagSet interface {
	DurationVar(p *time.Duration, name string, value time.Duration, usage string)
	IntVar(p *int, name string, value int, usage string)
	Float64Var(p *float64, name string, value float64, usage string)
	StringVar(p *string, name string, value string, usage string)
	BoolVar(p *bool, name string, value bool, usage string)
	UintVar(p *uint, name string, value uint, usage string)
	Int64Var(p *int64, name string, value int64, usage string)
	Uint64Var(p *uint64, name string, value uint64, usage string)

type Interface

type Interface interface {

	// Process is implemented by the controller and returns:
	// - true for externalErr if the error is not an internal error
	// - true for retriableErr if the error is a retriable error (i.e. should be
	//   added back to the work queue). These are retried for limited number of
	//   attempts
	// - an error, if there is an error, or nil. If there is no error, the above
	//   two bools (externalErr and retriableErr) are ignored.
	Process(*ProcessContext) (externalErr bool, retriableErr bool, err error)

type Operation

type Operation string
const (
	UpdatedOperation Operation = "updated"
	DeletedOperation Operation = "deleted"
	AddedOperation   Operation = "added"

func (Operation) String

func (o Operation) String() string

type ProcessContext

type ProcessContext struct {
	Logger *zap.Logger
	Object runtime.Object

type QueueKey

type QueueKey struct {
	Namespace string
	Name      string

type Server

type Server interface {
	Run(context.Context) error

type WorkQueueProducer

type WorkQueueProducer interface {
	// Add adds an item to the workqueue.

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