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func IsBundleObservedGenerationCond

func IsBundleObservedGenerationCond(namespace, name string) toolswatch.ConditionFunc

func IsBundleResourceCond

func IsBundleResourceCond(t *testing.T, namespace, name string, resource smith_v1.ResourceName, conds ...*cond_v1.Condition) toolswatch.ConditionFunc

IsBundleResourceCond is a condition that checks conditions of a resource. Sometimes it is necessary to await a particular resource condition(s) to happen, not a Bundle condition.

func IsBundleStatusCond

func IsBundleStatusCond(namespace, name string, cType cond_v1.ConditionType, status cond_v1.ConditionStatus) toolswatch.ConditionFunc

func IsPodSpecAnnotationCond

func IsPodSpecAnnotationCond(t *testing.T, namespace, name, annotation, value string) toolswatch.ConditionFunc

func IsServiceInstanceUpdateRequestsCond

func IsServiceInstanceUpdateRequestsCond(t *testing.T, namespace, name string, value int64) toolswatch.ConditionFunc

IsServiceInstanceUpdateRequestsCond allows to wait until spec.updateRequests of a ServiceInstance is greater than the provided value.

func SetupApp

func SetupApp(t *testing.T, bundle *smith_v1.Bundle, serviceCatalog, createBundle bool, test TestFunc, args ...interface{})


type Config added in v0.2.1

type Config struct {
	T             *testing.T
	Logger        *zap.Logger
	Namespace     string
	Bundle        *smith_v1.Bundle
	CreatedBundle *smith_v1.Bundle
	Config        *rest.Config
	MainClient    kubernetes.Interface
	Sc            *smart.DynamicClient
	SmithClient   smithClientset.Interface

func (*Config) AssertBundle added in v0.2.1

func (cfg *Config) AssertBundle(ctx context.Context, bundle *smith_v1.Bundle) *smith_v1.Bundle

func (*Config) AssertBundleTimeout added in v0.2.1

func (cfg *Config) AssertBundleTimeout(ctx context.Context, bundle *smith_v1.Bundle) *smith_v1.Bundle

func (*Config) AwaitBundleCondition added in v0.2.1

func (cfg *Config) AwaitBundleCondition(ctx context.Context, conditions ...toolswatch.ConditionFunc) *smith_v1.Bundle

func (*Config) CreateObject added in v0.2.1

func (cfg *Config) CreateObject(ctxTest context.Context, obj, res runtime.Object, resourcePath string, client rest.Interface)

type TestFunc

type TestFunc func(context.Context, *testing.T, *Config, ...interface{})

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