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Package noise provides functions to generate various types of image noise.



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func Generate

func Generate(width, height int, o *Options) *image.RGBA

Generate returns an image of the parameter width and height filled with the values from a noise function. If no options are provided, defaults will be used.


type Fn

type Fn func() uint8

Fn is a noise function that generates values between 0 and 255.

var (
	// Uniform distribution noise function.
	Uniform Fn
	// Binary distribution noise function.
	Binary Fn
	// Gaussian distribution noise function.
	Gaussian Fn

type Options

type Options struct {
	// NoiseFn is a noise function that will be called for each pixel
	// on the image being generated.
	NoiseFn Fn
	// Monochrome sets if the resulting image is grayscale or colored,
	// the latter meaning that each RGB channel was filled with different values.
	Monochrome bool

Options to configure the noise generation.

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