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const (
	// MetadataPrefix is the prefix used for our labels and annotations
	MetadataPrefix = ""

	// SecretTypeRepository indicates a secret type of repository
	SecretTypeRepository = "repository"

	// SecretTypeCluster indicates a secret type of cluster
	SecretTypeCluster = "cluster"

	// AuthCookieName is the HTTP cookie name where we store our auth token
	AuthCookieName = "argocd.token"
	// ResourcesFinalizerName is a number of application CRD finalizer
	ResourcesFinalizerName = "resources-finalizer." + MetadataPrefix
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const (
	ArgoCDAdminUsername = "admin"
	ArgoCDSecretName    = "argocd-secret"
	ArgoCDConfigMapName = "argocd-cm"
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const (
	// DexAPIEndpoint is the endpoint where we serve the Dex API server
	DexAPIEndpoint = "/api/dex"
	// LoginEndpoint is ArgoCD's shorthand login endpoint which redirects to dex's OAuth 2.0 provider's consent page
	LoginEndpoint = "/auth/login"
	// CallbackEndpoint is ArgoCD's final callback endpoint we reach after OAuth 2.0 login flow has been completed
	CallbackEndpoint = "/auth/callback"
	// ArgoCDClientAppName is name of the Oauth client app used when registering our web app to dex
	ArgoCDClientAppName = "ArgoCD"
	// ArgoCDClientAppID is the Oauth client ID we will use when registering our app to dex
	ArgoCDClientAppID = "argo-cd"
	// ArgoCDCLIClientAppName is name of the Oauth client app used when registering our CLI to dex
	ArgoCDCLIClientAppName = "ArgoCD CLI"
	// ArgoCDCLIClientAppID is the Oauth client ID we will use when registering our CLI to dex
	ArgoCDCLIClientAppID = "argo-cd-cli"
	// EnvVarSSODebug is an environment variable to enable additional OAuth debugging in the API server
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const (
	ArgoCDManagerServiceAccount     = "argocd-manager"
	ArgoCDManagerClusterRole        = "argocd-manager-role"
	ArgoCDManagerClusterRoleBinding = "argocd-manager-role-binding"

ArgoCDManagerServiceAccount is the name of the service account for managing a cluster


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var (
	// LabelKeyAppInstance refers to the application instance resource name
	LabelKeyAppInstance = MetadataPrefix + "/app-instance"

	// LabelKeySecretType contains the type of argocd secret (either 'cluster' or 'repo')
	LabelKeySecretType = MetadataPrefix + "/secret-type"

	// LabelKeyApplicationControllerInstanceID is the label which allows to separate application among multiple running application controllers.
	LabelKeyApplicationControllerInstanceID = application.ApplicationFullName + "/controller-instanceid"

	// LabelApplicationName is the label which indicates that resource belongs to application with the specified name
	LabelApplicationName = application.ApplicationFullName + "/app-name"

	// AnnotationKeyRefresh is the annotation key in the application which is updated with an
	// arbitrary value (i.e. timestamp) on a git event, to  force the controller to wake up and
	// re-evaluate the application
	AnnotationKeyRefresh = application.ApplicationFullName + "/refresh"
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var ArgoCDManagerPolicyRules = []rbacv1.PolicyRule{
		APIGroups: []string{"*"},
		Resources: []string{"*"},
		Verbs:     []string{"*"},

ArgoCDManagerPolicyRules are the policies to give argocd-manager


func CreateClusterRole

func CreateClusterRole(
	clientset kubernetes.Interface,
	clusterRoleName string,
	rules []rbacv1.PolicyRule,

CreateClusterRole creates a cluster role

func CreateClusterRoleBinding

func CreateClusterRoleBinding(
	clientset kubernetes.Interface,
	clusterRoleName string,
	namespace string,

CreateClusterRoleBinding create a ClusterRoleBinding

func CreateServiceAccount

func CreateServiceAccount(
	clientset kubernetes.Interface,
	serviceAccountName string,
	namespace string,

CreateServiceAccount creates a service account

func InstallClusterManagerRBAC

func InstallClusterManagerRBAC(conf *rest.Config) string

InstallClusterManagerRBAC installs RBAC resources for a cluster manager to operate a cluster. Returns a token

func UninstallClusterManagerRBAC

func UninstallClusterManagerRBAC(conf *rest.Config)

UninstallClusterManagerRBAC removes RBAC resources for a cluster manager to operate a cluster

func UninstallRBAC

func UninstallRBAC(clientset kubernetes.Interface, namespace, bindingName, roleName, serviceAccount string)

UninstallRBAC uninstalls RBAC related resources for a binding, role, and service account


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