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var Groups = map[string]int{
	"ing1-arcs": 133,
	"ing1-a1":   8,
	"ing1-a2":   10,
	"ing1-a3":   11,
	"ing1-a4":   12,
	"ing1-a5":   13,
	"ing1-b6":   14,
	"ing1-b7":   15,
	"ing1-b8":   17,
	"ing1-b9":   18,
	"ing1-b10":  19,

	"sup-a1": 54,
	"sup-a2": 55,
	"sup-a3": 56,
	"sup-b1": 57,
	"sup-b2": 58,
	"sup-c1": 59,
	"sup-c2": 60,
	"sup-d1": 61,
	"sup-d2": 62,
	"sup-e1": 63,
	"sup-e2": 64,
	"sup-f1": 65,

	"spe-a1": 95,
	"spe-a2": 98,
	"spe-b1": 101,
	"spe-b2": 104,
	"spe-c1": 107,
	"spe-c2": 110,
	"spe-d1": 115,
	"spe-d2": 118,
	"spe-e1": 121,


func SetToken

func SetToken(t string)

func TokenFetcher

func TokenFetcher()


type Calendar

type Calendar struct {
	IDReservation int         `json:"idReservation"`
	IDCourse      interface{} `json:"idCourse"`
	Name          string      `json:"name"`
	IDType        int         `json:"idType"`
	StartDate     time.Time   `json:"startDate"`
	EndDate       time.Time   `json:"endDate"`
	IsOnline      bool        `json:"isOnline"`
	Rooms         []struct {
		ID         int    `json:"id"`
		Capacity   int    `json:"capacity"`
		Name       string `json:"name"`
		IDRoomType int    `json:"idRoomType"`
		IDLocation int    `json:"idLocation"`
	} `json:"rooms"`
	Groups []struct {
		ID         int         `json:"id"`
		IDParent   interface{} `json:"idParent"`
		Name       string      `json:"name"`
		Path       interface{} `json:"path"`
		Count      interface{} `json:"count"`
		IsReadOnly interface{} `json:"isReadOnly"`
		IDSchool   int         `json:"idSchool"`
		Color      string      `json:"color"`
	} `json:"groups"`
	Teachers   interface{} `json:"teachers"`
	IDSchool   int         `json:"idSchool"`
	SchoolName string      `json:"schoolName"`

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client struct

func NewClient

func NewClient(url *string) *Client

NewClient constructor

func (*Client) GetGroupPlanning

func (c *Client) GetGroupPlanning(groupId int) ([]Calendar, error)

GetGroupPlanning from Chronos

func (*Client) GetICS

func (c *Client) GetICS(groupId string) (string, error)

GetGroupPlanning from Chronos

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