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var ValidKeys = []string{}/* 159 elements not displayed */

ValidKeys is a list of valid keys that are not secret names. For the sake of consistency please place any secret in the secret names map and reuse it in relevant sections.


func IsNetworkGroupValid

func IsNetworkGroupValid(config schema.AccessControlConfiguration, network string) bool

IsNetworkGroupValid check if a network group is valid.

func IsNetworkValid

func IsNetworkValid(network string) (isValid bool)

IsNetworkValid check if a network is valid.

func IsPolicyValid

func IsPolicyValid(policy string) (isValid bool)

IsPolicyValid check if policy is valid.

func IsResourceValid

func IsResourceValid(resource string) (err error)

IsResourceValid check if a resource is valid.

func IsSubjectValid

func IsSubjectValid(subject string) (isValid bool)

IsSubjectValid check if a subject is valid.

func ValidateAccessControl

func ValidateAccessControl(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateAccessControl validates access control configuration.

func ValidateAuthenticationBackend

func ValidateAuthenticationBackend(config *schema.AuthenticationBackendConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateAuthenticationBackend validates and updates the authentication backend configuration.

func ValidateConfiguration

func ValidateConfiguration(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateConfiguration and adapt the configuration read from file.

func ValidateIdentityProviders

func ValidateIdentityProviders(config *schema.IdentityProvidersConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateIdentityProviders validates and update IdentityProviders configuration.

func ValidateKeys

func ValidateKeys(keys []string, prefix string, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateKeys determines if all provided keys are valid.

func ValidateLog added in v4.34.0

func ValidateLog(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateLog validates the logging configuration.

func ValidateNTP added in v4.31.0

func ValidateNTP(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateNTP validates and update NTP configuration.

func ValidateNotifier

func ValidateNotifier(config *schema.NotifierConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateNotifier validates and update notifier configuration.

func ValidateRegulation

func ValidateRegulation(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateRegulation validates and update regulator configuration.

func ValidateRules

func ValidateRules(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateRules validates an ACL Rule configuration.

func ValidateServer

func ValidateServer(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateServer checks a server configuration is correct.

func ValidateSession

func ValidateSession(config *schema.SessionConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateSession validates and update session configuration.

func ValidateStorage

func ValidateStorage(config schema.StorageConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateStorage validates storage configuration.

func ValidateTOTP

func ValidateTOTP(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateTOTP validates and update TOTP configuration.

func ValidateTheme

func ValidateTheme(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateTheme validates and update Theme configuration.

func ValidateWebauthn added in v4.34.0

func ValidateWebauthn(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateWebauthn validates and update Webauthn configuration.


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