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const (
	// ProfileRefreshAlways represents a value for refresh_interval that's the same as 0ms.
	ProfileRefreshAlways = "always"

	// RefreshIntervalDefault represents the default value of refresh_interval.
	RefreshIntervalDefault = "5m"

	// RefreshIntervalAlways represents the duration value refresh interval should have if set to always.
	RefreshIntervalAlways = 0 * time.Millisecond
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const (
	// LDAPImplementationCustom is the string for the custom LDAP implementation.
	LDAPImplementationCustom = "custom"

	// LDAPImplementationActiveDirectory is the string for the Active Directory LDAP implementation.
	LDAPImplementationActiveDirectory = "activedirectory"
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const (
	TOTPAlgorithmSHA1   = "SHA1"
	TOTPAlgorithmSHA256 = "SHA256"
	TOTPAlgorithmSHA512 = "SHA512"

TOTP Algorithm.

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const (
	// TOTPSecretSizeDefault is the default secret size.
	TOTPSecretSizeDefault = 32

	// TOTPSecretSizeMinimum is the minimum secret size.
	TOTPSecretSizeMinimum = 20
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const ProfileRefreshDisabled = "disable"

ProfileRefreshDisabled represents a value for refresh_interval that disables the check entirely.

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const (
	// RememberMeDisabled represents the duration for a disabled remember me session configuration.
	RememberMeDisabled = time.Second * -1


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var DefaultACLNetwork = []ACLNetwork{
		Name:     "localhost",
		Networks: []string{""},
		Name:     "internal",
		Networks: []string{""},

DefaultACLNetwork represents the default configuration related to access control network group configuration.

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var DefaultACLRule = []ACLRule{
		Domains: []string{""},
		Policy:  "bypass",
		Domains: []string{""},
		Policy:  "one_factor",
		Domains: []string{""},
		Policy:  "two_factor",

DefaultACLRule represents the default configuration related to access control rule configuration.

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var DefaultCIPasswordConfiguration = PasswordConfiguration{
	Iterations:  3,
	KeyLength:   32,
	SaltLength:  16,
	Algorithm:   argon2id,
	Memory:      64,
	Parallelism: 4,

DefaultCIPasswordConfiguration represents the default configuration related to Argon2id hashing for CI.

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var DefaultLDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration = LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration{
	Implementation:       LDAPImplementationCustom,
	UsernameAttribute:    "uid",
	MailAttribute:        "mail",
	DisplayNameAttribute: "displayName",
	GroupNameAttribute:   "cn",
	Timeout:              time.Second * 5,
	TLS: &TLSConfig{
		MinimumVersion: "TLS1.2",

DefaultLDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration represents the default LDAP config.

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var DefaultLDAPAuthenticationBackendImplementationActiveDirectoryConfiguration = LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration{
	UsersFilter:          "(&(|({username_attribute}={input})({mail_attribute}={input}))(sAMAccountType=805306368)(!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))(!(pwdLastSet=0)))",
	UsernameAttribute:    "sAMAccountName",
	MailAttribute:        "mail",
	DisplayNameAttribute: "displayName",
	GroupsFilter:         "(&(member={dn})(objectClass=group))",
	GroupNameAttribute:   "cn",

DefaultLDAPAuthenticationBackendImplementationActiveDirectoryConfiguration represents the default LDAP config for the MSAD Implementation.

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var DefaultLoggingConfiguration = LogConfiguration{
	Level:  "info",
	Format: "text",

DefaultLoggingConfiguration is the default logging configuration.

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var DefaultNTPConfiguration = NTPConfiguration{
	Address:       "",
	Version:       4,
	MaximumDesync: time.Second * 3,

DefaultNTPConfiguration represents default configuration parameters for the NTP server.

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var DefaultOpenIDConnectClientConfiguration = OpenIDConnectClientConfiguration{
	Policy:        "two_factor",
	Scopes:        []string{"openid", "groups", "profile", "email"},
	GrantTypes:    []string{"refresh_token", "authorization_code"},
	ResponseTypes: []string{"code"},
	ResponseModes: []string{"form_post", "query", "fragment"},

	UserinfoSigningAlgorithm: "none",

DefaultOpenIDConnectClientConfiguration contains defaults for OIDC Clients.

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var DefaultOpenIDConnectConfiguration = OpenIDConnectConfiguration{
	AccessTokenLifespan:   time.Hour,
	AuthorizeCodeLifespan: time.Minute,
	IDTokenLifespan:       time.Hour,
	RefreshTokenLifespan:  time.Minute * 90,
	EnforcePKCE:           "public_clients_only",

DefaultOpenIDConnectConfiguration contains defaults for OIDC.

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var DefaultPasswordConfiguration = PasswordConfiguration{
	Iterations:  3,
	KeyLength:   32,
	SaltLength:  16,
	Algorithm:   argon2id,
	Memory:      64,
	Parallelism: 4,

DefaultPasswordConfiguration represents the default configuration related to Argon2id hashing.

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var DefaultPasswordPolicyConfiguration = PasswordPolicyConfiguration{
	Standard: PasswordPolicyStandardParams{
		Enabled:   false,
		MinLength: 8,
		MaxLength: 0,
	ZXCVBN: PasswordPolicyZXCVBNParams{
		Enabled:  false,
		MinScore: 3,

DefaultPasswordPolicyConfiguration is the default password policy configuration.

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var DefaultPasswordSHA512Configuration = PasswordConfiguration{
	Iterations: 50000,
	SaltLength: 16,
	Algorithm:  "sha512",

DefaultPasswordSHA512Configuration represents the default configuration related to SHA512 hashing.

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var DefaultPostgreSQLStorageConfiguration = PostgreSQLStorageConfiguration{
	Schema: "public",
	SSL: PostgreSQLSSLStorageConfiguration{
		Mode: "disable",

DefaultPostgreSQLStorageConfiguration represents the default PostgreSQL configuration.

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var DefaultRegulationConfiguration = RegulationConfiguration{
	MaxRetries: 3,
	FindTime:   time.Minute * 2,
	BanTime:    time.Minute * 5,

DefaultRegulationConfiguration represents default configuration parameters for the regulator.

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var DefaultSMTPNotifierConfiguration = SMTPNotifierConfiguration{
	Timeout:             time.Second * 5,
	Subject:             "[Authelia] {title}",
	Identifier:          "localhost",
	StartupCheckAddress: mail.Address{Name: "Authelia Test", Address: ""},
	TLS: &TLSConfig{
		MinimumVersion: "TLS1.2",

DefaultSMTPNotifierConfiguration represents default configuration parameters for the SMTP notifier.

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var DefaultSQLStorageConfiguration = SQLStorageConfiguration{
	Timeout: 5 * time.Second,

DefaultSQLStorageConfiguration represents the default SQL configuration.

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var DefaultServerConfiguration = ServerConfiguration{
	Host: "",
	Port: 9091,
	Buffers: ServerBuffers{
		Read:  4096,
		Write: 4096,
	Timeouts: ServerTimeouts{
		Read:  time.Second * 2,
		Write: time.Second * 2,
		Idle:  time.Second * 30,

DefaultServerConfiguration represents the default values of the ServerConfiguration.

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var DefaultSessionConfiguration = SessionConfiguration{
	Name:               "authelia_session",
	Expiration:         time.Hour,
	Inactivity:         time.Minute * 5,
	RememberMeDuration: time.Hour * 24 * 30,
	SameSite:           "lax",

DefaultSessionConfiguration is the default session configuration.

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var DefaultTOTPConfiguration = TOTPConfiguration{
	Issuer:     "Authelia",
	Algorithm:  TOTPAlgorithmSHA1,
	Digits:     6,
	Period:     30,
	Skew:       &defaultOtpSkew,
	SecretSize: TOTPSecretSizeDefault,

DefaultTOTPConfiguration represents default configuration parameters for TOTP generation.

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var DefaultTelemetryConfig = TelemetryConfig{
	Metrics: TelemetryMetricsConfig{
		Address: &Address{true, "tcp", net.ParseIP(""), 9959},
		Buffers: ServerBuffers{
			Read:  4096,
			Write: 4096,
		Timeouts: ServerTimeouts{
			Read:  time.Second * 2,
			Write: time.Second * 2,
			Idle:  time.Second * 30,

DefaultTelemetryConfig is the default telemetry configuration.

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var DefaultWebauthnConfiguration = WebauthnConfiguration{
	DisplayName: "Authelia",
	Timeout:     time.Second * 60,

	ConveyancePreference: protocol.PreferIndirectAttestation,
	UserVerification:     protocol.VerificationPreferred,

DefaultWebauthnConfiguration describes the default values for the WebauthnConfiguration.

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var Keys = []string{}/* 197 elements not displayed */

Keys is a list of valid schema keys detected by reflecting over a schema.Configuration struct.

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var (
	// TOTPPossibleAlgorithms is a list of valid TOTP Algorithms.
	TOTPPossibleAlgorithms = []string{TOTPAlgorithmSHA1, TOTPAlgorithmSHA256, TOTPAlgorithmSHA512}


This section is empty.


type ACLNetwork

type ACLNetwork struct {
	Name     string   `koanf:"name"`
	Networks []string `koanf:"networks"`

ACLNetwork represents one ACL network group entry.

type ACLRule

type ACLRule struct {
	Domains      []string        `koanf:"domain"`
	DomainsRegex []regexp.Regexp `koanf:"domain_regex"`
	Policy       string          `koanf:"policy"`
	Subjects     [][]string      `koanf:"subject"`
	Networks     []string        `koanf:"networks"`
	Resources    []regexp.Regexp `koanf:"resources"`
	Methods      []string        `koanf:"methods"`

ACLRule represents one ACL rule entry.

type AccessControlConfiguration

type AccessControlConfiguration struct {
	DefaultPolicy string       `koanf:"default_policy"`
	Networks      []ACLNetwork `koanf:"networks"`
	Rules         []ACLRule    `koanf:"rules"`

AccessControlConfiguration represents the configuration related to ACLs.

type Address added in v4.36.0

type Address struct {
	Scheme string
	IP     net.IP
	Port   int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Address represents an address.

func NewAddressFromString added in v4.36.0

func NewAddressFromString(a string) (addr *Address, err error)

NewAddressFromString returns an *Address and error depending on the ability to parse the string as an Address.

func NewAddressFromURL added in v4.36.2

func NewAddressFromURL(u *url.URL) (addr *Address, err error)

NewAddressFromURL returns an *Address and error depending on the ability to parse the *url.URL as an Address.

func (Address) HostPort added in v4.36.0

func (a Address) HostPort() string

HostPort returns a string representation of the Address with just the host and port.

func (Address) Listener added in v4.36.0

func (a Address) Listener() (net.Listener, error)

Listener creates and returns a net.Listener.

func (Address) String added in v4.36.0

func (a Address) String() string

String returns a string representation of the Address.

func (Address) Valid added in v4.36.0

func (a Address) Valid() bool

Valid returns true if the Address is valid.

type AuthenticationBackendConfiguration

type AuthenticationBackendConfiguration struct {
	LDAP *LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration `koanf:"ldap"`
	File *FileAuthenticationBackendConfiguration `koanf:"file"`

	PasswordReset PasswordResetAuthenticationBackendConfiguration `koanf:"password_reset"`

	RefreshInterval string `koanf:"refresh_interval"`

AuthenticationBackendConfiguration represents the configuration related to the authentication backend.

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	Theme                 string `koanf:"theme"`
	CertificatesDirectory string `koanf:"certificates_directory"`
	JWTSecret             string `koanf:"jwt_secret"`
	DefaultRedirectionURL string `koanf:"default_redirection_url"`
	Default2FAMethod      string `koanf:"default_2fa_method"`

	Log                   LogConfiguration                   `koanf:"log"`
	IdentityProviders     IdentityProvidersConfiguration     `koanf:"identity_providers"`
	AuthenticationBackend AuthenticationBackendConfiguration `koanf:"authentication_backend"`
	Session               SessionConfiguration               `koanf:"session"`
	TOTP                  TOTPConfiguration                  `koanf:"totp"`
	DuoAPI                DuoAPIConfiguration                `koanf:"duo_api"`
	AccessControl         AccessControlConfiguration         `koanf:"access_control"`
	NTP                   NTPConfiguration                   `koanf:"ntp"`
	Regulation            RegulationConfiguration            `koanf:"regulation"`
	Storage               StorageConfiguration               `koanf:"storage"`
	Notifier              NotifierConfiguration              `koanf:"notifier"`
	Server                ServerConfiguration                `koanf:"server"`
	Telemetry             TelemetryConfig                    `koanf:"telemetry"`
	Webauthn              WebauthnConfiguration              `koanf:"webauthn"`
	PasswordPolicy        PasswordPolicyConfiguration        `koanf:"password_policy"`

Configuration object extracted from YAML configuration file.

type DuoAPIConfiguration

type DuoAPIConfiguration struct {
	Disable              bool   `koanf:"disable"`
	Hostname             string `koanf:"hostname"`
	IntegrationKey       string `koanf:"integration_key"`
	SecretKey            string `koanf:"secret_key"`
	EnableSelfEnrollment bool   `koanf:"enable_self_enrollment"`

DuoAPIConfiguration represents the configuration related to Duo API.

type ErrorContainer

type ErrorContainer interface {
	Push(err error)
	PushWarning(err error)
	HasErrors() bool
	HasWarnings() bool
	Errors() []error
	Warnings() []error

ErrorContainer represents a container where we can add errors and retrieve them.

type FileAuthenticationBackendConfiguration

type FileAuthenticationBackendConfiguration struct {
	Path     string                 `koanf:"path"`
	Password *PasswordConfiguration `koanf:"password"`

FileAuthenticationBackendConfiguration represents the configuration related to file-based backend.

type FileSystemNotifierConfiguration

type FileSystemNotifierConfiguration struct {
	Filename string `koanf:"filename"`

FileSystemNotifierConfiguration represents the configuration of the notifier writing emails in a file.

type IdentityProvidersConfiguration

type IdentityProvidersConfiguration struct {
	OIDC *OpenIDConnectConfiguration `koanf:"oidc"`

IdentityProvidersConfiguration represents the IdentityProviders 2.0 configuration for Authelia.

type LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration

type LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration struct {
	Implementation string        `koanf:"implementation"`
	URL            string        `koanf:"url"`
	Timeout        time.Duration `koanf:"timeout"`
	StartTLS       bool          `koanf:"start_tls"`
	TLS            *TLSConfig    `koanf:"tls"`

	BaseDN string `koanf:"base_dn"`

	AdditionalUsersDN string `koanf:"additional_users_dn"`
	UsersFilter       string `koanf:"users_filter"`

	AdditionalGroupsDN string `koanf:"additional_groups_dn"`
	GroupsFilter       string `koanf:"groups_filter"`

	GroupNameAttribute   string `koanf:"group_name_attribute"`
	UsernameAttribute    string `koanf:"username_attribute"`
	MailAttribute        string `koanf:"mail_attribute"`
	DisplayNameAttribute string `koanf:"display_name_attribute"`

	PermitReferrals           bool `koanf:"permit_referrals"`
	PermitUnauthenticatedBind bool `koanf:"permit_unauthenticated_bind"`

	User     string `koanf:"user"`
	Password string `koanf:"password"`

LDAPAuthenticationBackendConfiguration represents the configuration related to LDAP server.

type LocalStorageConfiguration

type LocalStorageConfiguration struct {
	Path string `koanf:"path"`

LocalStorageConfiguration represents the configuration when using local storage.

type LogConfiguration

type LogConfiguration struct {
	Level      string `koanf:"level"`
	Format     string `koanf:"format"`
	FilePath   string `koanf:"file_path"`
	KeepStdout bool   `koanf:"keep_stdout"`

LogConfiguration represents the logging configuration.

type MySQLStorageConfiguration

type MySQLStorageConfiguration struct {
	SQLStorageConfiguration `koanf:",squash"`

MySQLStorageConfiguration represents the configuration of a MySQL database.

type NTPConfiguration added in v4.31.0

type NTPConfiguration struct {
	Address             string        `koanf:"address"`
	Version             int           `koanf:"version"`
	MaximumDesync       time.Duration `koanf:"max_desync"`
	DisableStartupCheck bool          `koanf:"disable_startup_check"`
	DisableFailure      bool          `koanf:"disable_failure"`

NTPConfiguration represents the configuration related to ntp server.

type NotifierConfiguration

type NotifierConfiguration struct {
	DisableStartupCheck bool                             `koanf:"disable_startup_check"`
	FileSystem          *FileSystemNotifierConfiguration `koanf:"filesystem"`
	SMTP                *SMTPNotifierConfiguration       `koanf:"smtp"`
	TemplatePath        string                           `koanf:"template_path"`

NotifierConfiguration represents the configuration of the notifier to use when sending notifications to users.

type OpenIDConnectCORSConfiguration added in v4.35.0

type OpenIDConnectCORSConfiguration struct {
	Endpoints      []string  `koanf:"endpoints"`
	AllowedOrigins []url.URL `koanf:"allowed_origins"`

	AllowedOriginsFromClientRedirectURIs bool `koanf:"allowed_origins_from_client_redirect_uris"`

OpenIDConnectCORSConfiguration represents an OpenID Connect CORS config.

type OpenIDConnectClientConfiguration

type OpenIDConnectClientConfiguration struct {
	ID               string  `koanf:"id"`
	Description      string  `koanf:"description"`
	Secret           string  `koanf:"secret"`
	SectorIdentifier url.URL `koanf:"sector_identifier"`
	Public           bool    `koanf:"public"`

	RedirectURIs []string `koanf:"redirect_uris"`

	Audience      []string `koanf:"audience"`
	Scopes        []string `koanf:"scopes"`
	GrantTypes    []string `koanf:"grant_types"`
	ResponseTypes []string `koanf:"response_types"`
	ResponseModes []string `koanf:"response_modes"`

	UserinfoSigningAlgorithm string `koanf:"userinfo_signing_algorithm"`

	Policy string `koanf:"authorization_policy"`

	PreConfiguredConsentDuration *time.Duration `koanf:"pre_configured_consent_duration"`

OpenIDConnectClientConfiguration configuration for an OpenID Connect client.

type OpenIDConnectConfiguration

type OpenIDConnectConfiguration struct {
	HMACSecret       string `koanf:"hmac_secret"`
	IssuerPrivateKey string `koanf:"issuer_private_key"`

	AccessTokenLifespan   time.Duration `koanf:"access_token_lifespan"`
	AuthorizeCodeLifespan time.Duration `koanf:"authorize_code_lifespan"`
	IDTokenLifespan       time.Duration `koanf:"id_token_lifespan"`
	RefreshTokenLifespan  time.Duration `koanf:"refresh_token_lifespan"`

	EnableClientDebugMessages bool `koanf:"enable_client_debug_messages"`
	MinimumParameterEntropy   int  `koanf:"minimum_parameter_entropy"`

	EnforcePKCE              string `koanf:"enforce_pkce"`
	EnablePKCEPlainChallenge bool   `koanf:"enable_pkce_plain_challenge"`

	CORS OpenIDConnectCORSConfiguration `koanf:"cors"`

	Clients []OpenIDConnectClientConfiguration `koanf:"clients"`

OpenIDConnectConfiguration configuration for OpenID Connect.

type PasswordConfiguration

type PasswordConfiguration struct {
	Iterations  int    `koanf:"iterations"`
	KeyLength   int    `koanf:"key_length"`
	SaltLength  int    `koanf:"salt_length"`
	Algorithm   string `koanf:"algorithm"`
	Memory      int    `koanf:"memory"`
	Parallelism int    `koanf:"parallelism"`

PasswordConfiguration represents the configuration related to password hashing.

type PasswordPolicyConfiguration added in v4.35.0

type PasswordPolicyConfiguration struct {
	Standard PasswordPolicyStandardParams `koanf:"standard"`
	ZXCVBN   PasswordPolicyZXCVBNParams   `koanf:"zxcvbn"`

PasswordPolicyConfiguration represents the configuration related to password policy.

type PasswordPolicyStandardParams added in v4.35.0

type PasswordPolicyStandardParams struct {
	Enabled          bool `koanf:"enabled"`
	MinLength        int  `koanf:"min_length"`
	MaxLength        int  `koanf:"max_length"`
	RequireUppercase bool `koanf:"require_uppercase"`
	RequireLowercase bool `koanf:"require_lowercase"`
	RequireNumber    bool `koanf:"require_number"`
	RequireSpecial   bool `koanf:"require_special"`

PasswordPolicyStandardParams represents the configuration related to standard parameters of password policy.

type PasswordPolicyZXCVBNParams added in v4.35.0

type PasswordPolicyZXCVBNParams struct {
	Enabled  bool `koanf:"enabled"`
	MinScore int  `koanf:"min_score"`

PasswordPolicyZXCVBNParams represents the configuration related to ZXCVBN parameters of password policy.

type PasswordResetAuthenticationBackendConfiguration added in v4.35.0

type PasswordResetAuthenticationBackendConfiguration struct {
	Disable   bool    `koanf:"disable"`
	CustomURL url.URL `koanf:"custom_url"`

PasswordResetAuthenticationBackendConfiguration represents the configuration related to password reset functionality.

type PostgreSQLSSLStorageConfiguration added in v4.33.0

type PostgreSQLSSLStorageConfiguration struct {
	Mode            string `koanf:"mode"`
	RootCertificate string `koanf:"root_certificate"`
	Certificate     string `koanf:"certificate"`
	Key             string `koanf:"key"`

PostgreSQLSSLStorageConfiguration represents the SSL configuration of a PostgreSQL database.

type PostgreSQLStorageConfiguration

type PostgreSQLStorageConfiguration struct {
	SQLStorageConfiguration `koanf:",squash"`
	Schema                  string `koanf:"schema"`

	SSL PostgreSQLSSLStorageConfiguration `koanf:"ssl"`

PostgreSQLStorageConfiguration represents the configuration of a PostgreSQL database.

type RedisHighAvailabilityConfiguration

type RedisHighAvailabilityConfiguration struct {
	SentinelName     string      `koanf:"sentinel_name"`
	SentinelUsername string      `koanf:"sentinel_username"`
	SentinelPassword string      `koanf:"sentinel_password"`
	Nodes            []RedisNode `koanf:"nodes"`
	RouteByLatency   bool        `koanf:"route_by_latency"`
	RouteRandomly    bool        `koanf:"route_randomly"`

RedisHighAvailabilityConfiguration holds configuration variables for Redis Cluster/Sentinel.

type RedisNode

type RedisNode struct {
	Host string `koanf:"host"`
	Port int    `koanf:"port"`

RedisNode Represents a Node.

type RedisSessionConfiguration

type RedisSessionConfiguration struct {
	Host                     string                              `koanf:"host"`
	Port                     int                                 `koanf:"port"`
	Username                 string                              `koanf:"username"`
	Password                 string                              `koanf:"password"`
	DatabaseIndex            int                                 `koanf:"database_index"`
	MaximumActiveConnections int                                 `koanf:"maximum_active_connections"`
	MinimumIdleConnections   int                                 `koanf:"minimum_idle_connections"`
	TLS                      *TLSConfig                          `koanf:"tls"`
	HighAvailability         *RedisHighAvailabilityConfiguration `koanf:"high_availability"`

RedisSessionConfiguration represents the configuration related to redis session store.

type RegulationConfiguration

type RegulationConfiguration struct {
	MaxRetries int           `koanf:"max_retries"`
	FindTime   time.Duration `koanf:"find_time,weak"`
	BanTime    time.Duration `koanf:"ban_time,weak"`

RegulationConfiguration represents the configuration related to regulation.

type SMTPNotifierConfiguration

type SMTPNotifierConfiguration struct {
	Host                string        `koanf:"host"`
	Port                int           `koanf:"port"`
	Timeout             time.Duration `koanf:"timeout"`
	Username            string        `koanf:"username"`
	Password            string        `koanf:"password"`
	Identifier          string        `koanf:"identifier"`
	Sender              mail.Address  `koanf:"sender"`
	Subject             string        `koanf:"subject"`
	StartupCheckAddress mail.Address  `koanf:"startup_check_address"`
	DisableRequireTLS   bool          `koanf:"disable_require_tls"`
	DisableHTMLEmails   bool          `koanf:"disable_html_emails"`
	TLS                 *TLSConfig    `koanf:"tls"`

SMTPNotifierConfiguration represents the configuration of the SMTP server to send emails with.

type SQLStorageConfiguration

type SQLStorageConfiguration struct {
	Host     string        `koanf:"host"`
	Port     int           `koanf:"port"`
	Database string        `koanf:"database"`
	Username string        `koanf:"username"`
	Password string        `koanf:"password"`
	Timeout  time.Duration `koanf:"timeout"`

SQLStorageConfiguration represents the configuration of the SQL database.

type ServerBuffers added in v4.36.4

type ServerBuffers struct {
	Read  int `koanf:"read"`
	Write int `koanf:"write"`

ServerBuffers represents server buffer configurations.

type ServerConfiguration

type ServerConfiguration struct {
	Host               string `koanf:"host"`
	Port               int    `koanf:"port"`
	Path               string `koanf:"path"`
	AssetPath          string `koanf:"asset_path"`
	EnablePprof        bool   `koanf:"enable_pprof"`
	EnableExpvars      bool   `koanf:"enable_expvars"`
	DisableHealthcheck bool   `koanf:"disable_healthcheck"`

	TLS     ServerTLSConfiguration     `koanf:"tls"`
	Headers ServerHeadersConfiguration `koanf:"headers"`

	Buffers  ServerBuffers  `koanf:"buffers"`
	Timeouts ServerTimeouts `koanf:"timeouts"`

ServerConfiguration represents the configuration of the http server.

type ServerHeadersConfiguration added in v4.34.0

type ServerHeadersConfiguration struct {
	CSPTemplate string `koanf:"csp_template"`

ServerHeadersConfiguration represents the customization of the http server headers.

type ServerTLSConfiguration

type ServerTLSConfiguration struct {
	Certificate        string   `koanf:"certificate"`
	Key                string   `koanf:"key"`
	ClientCertificates []string `koanf:"client_certificates"`

ServerTLSConfiguration represents the configuration of the http servers TLS options.

type ServerTimeouts added in v4.36.4

type ServerTimeouts struct {
	Read  time.Duration `koanf:"read"`
	Write time.Duration `koanf:"write"`
	Idle  time.Duration `koanf:"idle"`

ServerTimeouts represents server timeout configurations.

type SessionConfiguration

type SessionConfiguration struct {
	Name               string        `koanf:"name"`
	Domain             string        `koanf:"domain"`
	SameSite           string        `koanf:"same_site"`
	Secret             string        `koanf:"secret"`
	Expiration         time.Duration `koanf:"expiration"`
	Inactivity         time.Duration `koanf:"inactivity"`
	RememberMeDuration time.Duration `koanf:"remember_me_duration"`

	Redis *RedisSessionConfiguration `koanf:"redis"`

SessionConfiguration represents the configuration related to user sessions.

type StorageConfiguration

type StorageConfiguration struct {
	Local      *LocalStorageConfiguration      `koanf:"local"`
	MySQL      *MySQLStorageConfiguration      `koanf:"mysql"`
	PostgreSQL *PostgreSQLStorageConfiguration `koanf:"postgres"`

	EncryptionKey string `koanf:"encryption_key"`

StorageConfiguration represents the configuration of the storage backend.

type StructValidator

type StructValidator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StructValidator is a validator for structs.

func NewStructValidator

func NewStructValidator() *StructValidator

NewStructValidator is a constructor of struct validator.

func (*StructValidator) Clear

func (v *StructValidator) Clear()

Clear errors and warnings.

func (*StructValidator) Errors

func (v *StructValidator) Errors() []error

Errors returns the errors.

func (*StructValidator) HasErrors

func (v *StructValidator) HasErrors() bool

HasErrors checks whether the validator contains errors.

func (*StructValidator) HasWarnings

func (v *StructValidator) HasWarnings() bool

HasWarnings checks whether the validator contains warning errors.

func (*StructValidator) Push

func (v *StructValidator) Push(err error)

Push an error to the validator.

func (*StructValidator) PushWarning

func (v *StructValidator) PushWarning(err error)

PushWarning error to the validator.

func (*StructValidator) Warnings

func (v *StructValidator) Warnings() []error

Warnings returns the warnings.

type TLSConfig

type TLSConfig struct {
	MinimumVersion string `koanf:"minimum_version"`
	SkipVerify     bool   `koanf:"skip_verify"`
	ServerName     string `koanf:"server_name"`

TLSConfig is a representation of the TLS configuration.

type TOTPConfiguration

type TOTPConfiguration struct {
	Disable    bool   `koanf:"disable"`
	Issuer     string `koanf:"issuer"`
	Algorithm  string `koanf:"algorithm"`
	Digits     uint   `koanf:"digits"`
	Period     uint   `koanf:"period"`
	Skew       *uint  `koanf:"skew"`
	SecretSize uint   `koanf:"secret_size"`

TOTPConfiguration represents the configuration related to TOTP options.

type TelemetryConfig added in v4.36.0

type TelemetryConfig struct {
	Metrics TelemetryMetricsConfig `koanf:"metrics"`

TelemetryConfig represents the telemetry config.

type TelemetryMetricsConfig added in v4.36.0

type TelemetryMetricsConfig struct {
	Enabled bool     `koanf:"enabled"`
	Address *Address `koanf:"address"`

	Buffers  ServerBuffers  `koanf:"buffers"`
	Timeouts ServerTimeouts `koanf:"timeouts"`

TelemetryMetricsConfig represents the telemetry metrics config.

type WebauthnConfiguration added in v4.34.0

type WebauthnConfiguration struct {
	Disable     bool   `koanf:"disable"`
	DisplayName string `koanf:"display_name"`

	ConveyancePreference protocol.ConveyancePreference        `koanf:"attestation_conveyance_preference"`
	UserVerification     protocol.UserVerificationRequirement `koanf:"user_verification"`

	Timeout time.Duration `koanf:"timeout"`

WebauthnConfiguration represents the webauthn config.

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