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func IsNetworkGroupValid

func IsNetworkGroupValid(config schema.AccessControlConfiguration, network string) bool

IsNetworkGroupValid check if a network group is valid.

func IsNetworkValid

func IsNetworkValid(network string) (isValid bool)

IsNetworkValid check if a network is valid.

func IsPolicyValid

func IsPolicyValid(policy string) (isValid bool)

IsPolicyValid check if policy is valid.

func IsSubjectValid

func IsSubjectValid(subject string) (isValid bool)

IsSubjectValid check if a subject is valid.

func ValidateAccessControl

func ValidateAccessControl(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateAccessControl validates access control configuration.

func ValidateAuthenticationBackend

func ValidateAuthenticationBackend(config *schema.AuthenticationBackendConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateAuthenticationBackend validates and updates the authentication backend configuration.

func ValidateConfiguration

func ValidateConfiguration(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateConfiguration and adapt the configuration read from file.

func ValidateDuo added in v4.35.0

func ValidateDuo(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateDuo validates and updates the Duo configuration.

func ValidateIdentityProviders

func ValidateIdentityProviders(config *schema.IdentityProvidersConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateIdentityProviders validates and updates the IdentityProviders configuration.

func ValidateKeys

func ValidateKeys(keys []string, prefix string, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateKeys determines if all provided keys are valid.

func ValidateLog added in v4.34.0

func ValidateLog(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateLog validates the logging configuration.

func ValidateNTP added in v4.31.0

func ValidateNTP(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateNTP validates and update NTP configuration.

func ValidateNotifier

func ValidateNotifier(config *schema.NotifierConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateNotifier validates and update notifier configuration.

func ValidatePasswordConfiguration added in v4.36.0

func ValidatePasswordConfiguration(config *schema.PasswordConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidatePasswordConfiguration validates the file auth backend password configuration.

func ValidatePasswordPolicy added in v4.35.0

func ValidatePasswordPolicy(config *schema.PasswordPolicyConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidatePasswordPolicy validates and update Password Policy configuration.

func ValidateRegulation

func ValidateRegulation(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateRegulation validates and update regulator configuration.

func ValidateRules

func ValidateRules(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateRules validates an ACL Rule configuration.

func ValidateServer

func ValidateServer(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateServer checks a server configuration is correct.

func ValidateServerTLS added in v4.35.0

func ValidateServerTLS(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateServerTLS checks a server TLS configuration is correct.

func ValidateSession

func ValidateSession(config *schema.SessionConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateSession validates and update session configuration.

func ValidateStorage

func ValidateStorage(config schema.StorageConfiguration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateStorage validates storage configuration.

func ValidateTOTP

func ValidateTOTP(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateTOTP validates and update TOTP configuration.

func ValidateTelemetry added in v4.36.0

func ValidateTelemetry(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateTelemetry validates the telemetry configuration.

func ValidateTheme

func ValidateTheme(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateTheme validates and update Theme configuration.

func ValidateWebauthn added in v4.34.0

func ValidateWebauthn(config *schema.Configuration, validator *schema.StructValidator)

ValidateWebauthn validates and update Webauthn configuration.


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