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const (
	TemplateNameEmailEnvelope                 = "Envelope.tmpl"
	TemplateNameEmailIdentityVerificationHTML = "IdentityVerification.html"
	TemplateNameEmailIdentityVerificationTXT  = "IdentityVerification.txt"
	TemplateNameEmailPasswordResetHTML        = "PasswordReset.html"
	TemplateNameEmailPasswordResetTXT         = "PasswordReset.txt"

Template File Names.

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const (
	TemplateCategoryNotifications = "notification"

Template Category Names.


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type Config added in v4.36.3

type Config struct {
	EmailTemplatesPath string

Config for the Provider.

type EmailEnvelopeValues added in v4.36.3

type EmailEnvelopeValues struct {
	ProcessID    int
	UUID         string
	Host         string
	ServerName   string
	SenderDomain string
	Identifier   string
	From         string
	To           string
	Subject      string
	Date         time.Time

EmailEnvelopeValues are the values used for the email envelopes.

type EmailIdentityVerificationValues added in v4.36.3

type EmailIdentityVerificationValues struct {
	UUID        string
	Title       string
	DisplayName string
	RemoteIP    string
	LinkURL     string
	LinkText    string

EmailIdentityVerificationValues are the values used for the identity verification templates.

type EmailPasswordResetValues added in v4.36.3

type EmailPasswordResetValues struct {
	UUID        string
	Title       string
	DisplayName string
	RemoteIP    string

EmailPasswordResetValues are the values used for password reset templates.

type Format added in v4.36.3

type Format int

Format of a template.

const (
	DefaultFormat Format = iota


type HTMLPlainTextTemplate added in v4.36.3

type HTMLPlainTextTemplate struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HTMLPlainTextTemplate is the template type which contains both the html and txt versions of a template.

func (HTMLPlainTextTemplate) Get added in v4.36.3

func (f HTMLPlainTextTemplate) Get(format Format) (t *template.Template)

Get returns the appropriate template given the format.

type NotificationTemplates added in v4.36.3

type NotificationTemplates struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NotificationTemplates are the templates for the notification system.

type Provider added in v4.36.3

type Provider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider of templates.

func New added in v4.36.3

func New(config Config) (provider *Provider, err error)

New creates a new templates' provider.

func (*Provider) ExecuteEmailEnvelope added in v4.36.3

func (p *Provider) ExecuteEmailEnvelope(wr io.Writer, data EmailEnvelopeValues) (err error)

ExecuteEmailEnvelope writes the envelope template to the given io.Writer.

func (*Provider) ExecuteEmailIdentityVerificationTemplate added in v4.36.3

func (p *Provider) ExecuteEmailIdentityVerificationTemplate(wr io.Writer, data EmailIdentityVerificationValues, format Format) (err error)

ExecuteEmailIdentityVerificationTemplate writes the identity verification template to the given io.Writer.

func (*Provider) ExecuteEmailPasswordResetTemplate added in v4.36.3

func (p *Provider) ExecuteEmailPasswordResetTemplate(wr io.Writer, data EmailPasswordResetValues, format Format) (err error)

ExecuteEmailPasswordResetTemplate writes the password reset template to the given io.Writer.

type Templates added in v4.36.3

type Templates struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Templates is the struct which holds all the *template.Template values.

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