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var StableCharts = &repo.Entry{
	Name: "stable",
	URL:  "https://charts.helm.sh/stable",

StableCharts is a helm repo entry for the standard stable helm charts: https://charts.helm.sh/stable


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type Helm

type Helm struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Helm is a v3 helm client(wrapper)

func NewHelm

func NewHelm(opts ...HelmOpt) (*Helm, error)

NewHelm creates a new v3 helm client(wrapper).

func (*Helm) AddRepo

func (h *Helm) AddRepo(entry *repo.Entry) error

AddRepo adds or updates a helm repository

func (*Helm) AllCharts

func (h *Helm) AllCharts() ([]*search.Result, error)

AllCharts returns all cached helm charts

func (*Helm) Get

func (h *Helm) Get(namespace string, name string) (*release.Release, error)

Get gets a release by name

func (*Helm) History

func (h *Helm) History(namespace string, release string, max int) ([]*release.Release, error)

History returns a history for the named release in the given namespace

func (*Helm) Install

func (h *Helm) Install(namespace, chartName, releaseName string, createNamespace bool, configVals map[string]string) (*release.Release, error)

Install a chart/release in the given namespace

func (*Helm) IsInstalled

func (h *Helm) IsInstalled(namespace string, release string) (bool, error)

IsInstalled checks whether a release/chart is already installed on the cluster

func (*Helm) Rollback

func (h *Helm) Rollback(namespace string, release string) error

Rollback rolls back the chart by name to the previous version

func (*Helm) SearchCharts

func (h *Helm) SearchCharts(term string, regex bool) ([]*search.Result, error)

SearchCharts searches for a cached helm chart.

func (*Helm) SearchReleases

func (h *Helm) SearchReleases(namespace, selector string, limit, offset int) ([]*release.Release, error)

SearchReleases searches for helm releases. If namespace is empty, all namespaces will be searched.

func (*Helm) Status

func (h *Helm) Status(namespace string, release string) (*release.Release, error)

Status executes 'helm status' against the given release.

func (*Helm) Uninstall

func (h *Helm) Uninstall(namespace, releaseName string) (*release.UninstallReleaseResponse, error)

Uninstall uninstalls a release by name in the given namespace

func (*Helm) UpdateRepos

func (h *Helm) UpdateRepos() error

UpdateRepos updates all local helm repos

func (*Helm) Upgrade

func (h *Helm) Upgrade(namespace string, chartName, releaseName string, recreate bool, configVals map[string]string) (*release.Release, error)

Upgrade upgrades a chart in the cluster

type HelmOpt

type HelmOpt func(h *Helm)

HelmOpt is an optional argument to modify the helm client

func WithEnvFunc

func WithEnvFunc(fn func(settings *cli.EnvSettings)) HelmOpt

WithEnvFunc modifies helm environmental settings

func WithLogger

func WithLogger(logger func(format string, args ...interface{})) HelmOpt

WithLogger modifies default logger

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