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var (
	ErrInvalidCredentials = errors.New("okta credentials are not valid")
	ErrInvalidSession     = errors.New("okta session is not valid")
	ErrUnexpectedResponse = errors.New("we got an unexpected response")
	ErrNotImplemented     = errors.New("not implemented")
	ErrNotSupported       = errors.New("not supported")
	ErrPasswordExpired    = errors.New("okta credentials are not valid: your user password is expired")


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type OktaErrorCause

type OktaErrorCause struct {
	ErrorSummary string `json:"errorSummary"`

type OktaErrorResponse

type OktaErrorResponse struct {
	ErrorCode    string `json:"errorCode"`
	ErrorSummary string `json:"errorSummary"`
	ErrorId      string `json:"errorId"`
	ErrorCauses  []OktaErrorCause

type OktaStateToken

type OktaStateToken struct {
	StateToken string `json:"stateToken"`
	PassCode   string `json:"passCode"`

type OktaUserAuthn

type OktaUserAuthn struct {
	StateToken   string                `json:"stateToken"`
	SessionToken string                `json:"sessionToken"`
	ExpiresAt    string                `json:"expiresAt"`
	Status       string                `json:"status"`
	Embedded     OktaUserAuthnEmbedded `json:"_embedded"`
	FactorResult string                `json:"factorResult"`

type OktaUserAuthnEmbedded

type OktaUserAuthnEmbedded struct {
	Factors []OktaUserAuthnFactor `json:"factors"`
	Factor  OktaUserAuthnFactor   `json:"factor"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactor

type OktaUserAuthnFactor struct {
	Id         string                      `json:"id"`
	FactorType string                      `json:"factorType"`
	Provider   string                      `json:"provider"`
	Embedded   OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbedded `json:"_embedded"`
	Profile    OktaUserAuthnFactorProfile  `json:"profile"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbedded

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbedded struct {
	Verification OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerification `json:"verification"`
	Challenge    OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedChallenge    `json:"challenge"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedChallenge

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedChallenge struct {
	Nonce           string `json:"nonce"`
	TimeoutSeconnds int    `json:"timeoutSeconds"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerification

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerification struct {
	Host         string                                       `json:"host"`
	Signature    string                                       `json:"signature"`
	FactorResult string                                       `json:"factorResult"`
	Links        OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerificationLinks `json:"_links"`
type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerificationLinks struct {
	Complete OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerificationLinksComplete `json:"complete"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerificationLinksComplete

type OktaUserAuthnFactorEmbeddedVerificationLinksComplete struct {
	Href string `json:"href"`

type OktaUserAuthnFactorProfile

type OktaUserAuthnFactorProfile struct {
	CredentialId string `json:"credentialId"`
	AppId        string `json:"appId"`
	Version      string `json:"version"`

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