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Package animation adds the Animation updater system with the clip and keyframe components



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type Clip

type Clip struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Clip is the sequence of all the frames of a animation. It also controls the state, direction, repetition, and speed of the animation.

func NewClip

func NewClip(s float64, f float64, v std.Animatable) *Clip

NewClip creates and sets a new orphan clip

func (*Clip) AddKeyFrame

func (a *Clip) AddKeyFrame(i float64, d float64, t std.Animatable)

AddKeyFrame appends an animation frame to the clip.

func (*Clip) Loop

func (a *Clip) Loop()

Loop set the clip to loop

func (*Clip) Pause

func (a *Clip) Pause()

Pause the clip

func (*Clip) Set

func (a *Clip) Set(s float64, f float64, o std.Animatable)

Set used to define all the require properties of a Clip

func (*Clip) SetAutoplay

func (a *Clip) SetAutoplay(ap bool)

SetAutoplay set the autoplay property of the clip

func (*Clip) Start

func (a *Clip) Start()

Start or resume the clip

func (*Clip) Stop

func (a *Clip) Stop()

Stop and reset the clip

func (*Clip) Update

func (a *Clip) Update()

Update is called on every tick of the game loop if running is set to true

type KeyFrame

type KeyFrame struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KeyFrame holds the duration that a animation frame as well as the targeted value it is animating towards

func (*KeyFrame) Duration

func (a *KeyFrame) Duration() float64

Duration returns frame duration

func (*KeyFrame) FrameIndex

func (a *KeyFrame) FrameIndex() float64

FrameIndex returns current frame index

func (*KeyFrame) SetStep

func (a *KeyFrame) SetStep(s std.Animatable)

SetStep set/overwrites the current stop of the keyframe

func (*KeyFrame) Step

func (a *KeyFrame) Step(value std.Animatable)

Step steps forward towards the target

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