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type Space

type Space struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() *Space

func (*Space) Add

func (s *Space) Add(start address.Address, size address.Offset)

func (*Space) AddRanges

func (s *Space) AddRanges(ranges []address.Range)

Create a Space that has free space in all the supplied Ranges.

func (*Space) Allocate

func (s *Space) Allocate(r address.Range) (bool, address.Address)

func (*Space) Claim

func (s *Space) Claim(addr address.Address) error

func (*Space) Clear

func (s *Space) Clear()

Clear removes all spaces from this space set. Used during node shutdown.

func (*Space) Donate

func (s *Space) Donate(r address.Range) (address.Range, bool)

func (*Space) Free

func (s *Space) Free(addr address.Address) error

func (*Space) NumFreeAddresses

func (s *Space) NumFreeAddresses() address.Count

func (*Space) NumFreeAddressesInRange

func (s *Space) NumFreeAddressesInRange(r address.Range) address.Count

func (*Space) NumOwnedAddresses

func (s *Space) NumOwnedAddresses() address.Count

func (*Space) OwnedRanges

func (s *Space) OwnedRanges() []address.Range

OwnedRanges returns slice of Ranges, ordered by IP, gluing together contiguous sequences of owned and free addresses

func (*Space) String

func (s *Space) String() string

func (*Space) UpdateRanges

func (s *Space) UpdateRanges(ranges []address.Range)

Taking ranges to be a set of all space we should own, add in any excess as free space

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