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type Config

type Config struct {
	Name     string          `yaml:"name"`
	Location string          `yaml:"location,omitempty"`
	Devices  []*DeviceConfig `yaml:"devices"`

Config ...

type DeviceConfig

type DeviceConfig struct {
	Kind       string `yaml:"kind"`
	DeviceID   string `yaml:"deviceID"`
	PrivateKey string `yaml:"privateKey"`
	Algorithm  string `yaml:"algorithm"`

DeviceConfig ...

type Gateway

type Gateway struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Gateway stores the connected devices.

func Start

func Start(config cloud.Config) (*Gateway, error)

Start initializes the Gateway and connects to the local broker for configuration details.

func (*Gateway) Algorithm

func (g *Gateway) Algorithm() string

Algorithm ...

func (*Gateway) DeviceID

func (g *Gateway) DeviceID() string

DeviceID ...

func (*Gateway) Devices

func (g *Gateway) Devices() map[string]cloud.Device

Devices ...

func (*Gateway) Location

func (g *Gateway) Location() string

Location ...

func (*Gateway) Name

func (g *Gateway) Name() string

Name ...

func (*Gateway) PrivateKey

func (g *Gateway) PrivateKey() string

PrivateKey ...

func (*Gateway) ProjectID

func (g *Gateway) ProjectID() string

ProjectID ...

func (*Gateway) Region

func (g *Gateway) Region() string

Region ...

func (*Gateway) RegistryID

func (g *Gateway) RegistryID() string

RegistryID ...

func (*Gateway) Stop

func (g *Gateway) Stop() error

Stop disconnects from the local broker and stops each device of the gateway.

func (*Gateway) StorePath

func (g *Gateway) StorePath() string

StorePath ...

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