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  • Overview Slide Deck from Toorcamp 2016 here.

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var (
	// Routers : Registry of available Router modules by name
	Routers map[string]func(map[string]interface{}) api.Router
	// Policies : Registry of available Policy modules by name
	Policies map[string]func(api.Transport, api.Node, map[string]interface{}) api.Policy
	// Transports : Registry of available Transport modules by name
	Transports map[string]func(api.Node, map[string]interface{}) api.Transport


func NewPolicyFromMap

func NewPolicyFromMap(transport api.Transport, node api.Node, p map[string]interface{}) api.Policy

NewPolicyFromMap : Create a new instance of a Policy from a map of arguments

func NewRouterFromMap

func NewRouterFromMap(r map[string]interface{}) api.Router

NewRouterFromMap : Create a new instance of a Router from a map of arguments

func NewTransportFromMap

func NewTransportFromMap(node api.Node, t map[string]interface{}) api.Transport

NewTransportFromMap : Create a new instance of a Transport from a map of arguments


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