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func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod(pod *v1.Pod, toleration *v1.Toleration) bool

    AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod tries to add a toleration to the pod's toleration list. Returns true if something was updated, false otherwise.

    func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec

    func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec(spec *v1.PodSpec, toleration *v1.Toleration) bool

      AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec tries to add a toleration to the toleration list in PodSpec. Returns true if something was updated, false otherwise.

      func AddToNodeAddresses

      func AddToNodeAddresses(addresses *[]v1.NodeAddress, addAddresses ...v1.NodeAddress)

        AddToNodeAddresses appends the NodeAddresses to the passed-by-pointer slice, only if they do not already exist

        func GetAccessModesAsString

        func GetAccessModesAsString(modes []v1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode) string

          GetAccessModesAsString returns a string representation of an array of access modes. modes, when present, are always in the same order: RWO,ROX,RWX.

          func GetAccessModesFromString

          func GetAccessModesFromString(modes string) []v1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode

            GetAccessModesAsString returns an array of AccessModes from a string created by GetAccessModesAsString

            func GetAvoidPodsFromNodeAnnotations

            func GetAvoidPodsFromNodeAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) (v1.AvoidPods, error)

            func GetMatchingTolerations

            func GetMatchingTolerations(taints []v1.Taint, tolerations []v1.Toleration) (bool, []v1.Toleration)

              Returns true and list of Tolerations matching all Taints if all are tolerated, or false otherwise.

              func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass

              func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass(claim *v1.PersistentVolumeClaim) string

                GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass returns StorageClassName. If no storage class was requested, it returns "".

                func GetPersistentVolumeClass

                func GetPersistentVolumeClass(volume *v1.PersistentVolume) string

                  GetPersistentVolumeClass returns StorageClassName.

                  func GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation

                  func GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation(annotations map[string]string) (*v1.NodeAffinity, error)

                    GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation gets the json serialized data from PersistentVolume.Annotations and converts it to the NodeAffinity type in api. TODO: update when storage node affinity graduates to beta

                    func HugePageResourceName

                    func HugePageResourceName(pageSize resource.Quantity) v1.ResourceName

                      HugePageResourceName returns a ResourceName with the canonical hugepage prefix prepended for the specified page size. The page size is converted to its canonical representation.

                      func HugePageSizeFromResourceName

                      func HugePageSizeFromResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) (resource.Quantity, error)

                        HugePageSizeFromResourceName returns the page size for the specified huge page resource name. If the specified input is not a valid huge page resource name an error is returned.

                        func IsDefaultNamespaceResource

                        func IsDefaultNamespaceResource(name v1.ResourceName) bool

                          IsDefaultNamespaceResource returns true if the resource name is in the * namespace. Partially-qualified (unprefixed) names are implicitly in the namespace.

                          func IsExtendedResourceName

                          func IsExtendedResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

                            IsExtendedResourceName returns true if the resource name is not in the default namespace.

                            func IsHugePageResourceName

                            func IsHugePageResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

                              IsHugePageResourceName returns true if the resource name has the huge page resource prefix.

                              func IsOvercommitAllowed

                              func IsOvercommitAllowed(name v1.ResourceName) bool

                                IsOvercommitAllowed returns true if the resource is in the default namespace and not blacklisted and is not hugepages.

                                func IsScalarResourceName

                                func IsScalarResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

                                  Extended and Hugepages resources

                                  func IsServiceIPRequested

                                  func IsServiceIPRequested(service *v1.Service) bool

                                    this function aims to check if the service's cluster IP is requested or not

                                    func IsServiceIPSet

                                    func IsServiceIPSet(service *v1.Service) bool

                                      this function aims to check if the service's ClusterIP is set or not the objective is not to perform validation here

                                      func LoadBalancerStatusDeepCopy

                                      func LoadBalancerStatusDeepCopy(lb *v1.LoadBalancerStatus) *v1.LoadBalancerStatus

                                        TODO: make method on LoadBalancerStatus?

                                        func LoadBalancerStatusEqual

                                        func LoadBalancerStatusEqual(l, r *v1.LoadBalancerStatus) bool

                                          TODO: make method on LoadBalancerStatus?

                                          func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector

                                          func NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector(nsm []v1.NodeSelectorRequirement) (labels.Selector, error)

                                            NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector converts the []NodeSelectorRequirement api type into a struct that implements labels.Selector.

                                            func PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass

                                            func PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass(claim *v1.PersistentVolumeClaim) bool

                                              PersistentVolumeClaimHasClass returns true if given claim has set StorageClassName field.

                                              func PodAnnotationsFromSysctls

                                              func PodAnnotationsFromSysctls(sysctls []v1.Sysctl) string

                                                PodAnnotationsFromSysctls creates an annotation value for a slice of Sysctls.

                                                func StorageNodeAffinityToAlphaAnnotation

                                                func StorageNodeAffinityToAlphaAnnotation(annotations map[string]string, affinity *v1.NodeAffinity) error

                                                  Converts NodeAffinity type to Alpha annotation for use in PersistentVolumes TODO: update when storage node affinity graduates to beta

                                                  func SysctlsFromPodAnnotation

                                                  func SysctlsFromPodAnnotation(annotation string) ([]v1.Sysctl, error)

                                                    SysctlsFromPodAnnotation parses an annotation value into a slice of Sysctls.

                                                    func SysctlsFromPodAnnotations

                                                    func SysctlsFromPodAnnotations(a map[string]string) ([]v1.Sysctl, []v1.Sysctl, error)

                                                      SysctlsFromPodAnnotations parses the sysctl annotations into a slice of safe Sysctls and a slice of unsafe Sysctls. This is only a convenience wrapper around SysctlsFromPodAnnotation.

                                                      func TolerationsTolerateTaint

                                                      func TolerationsTolerateTaint(tolerations []v1.Toleration, taint *v1.Taint) bool

                                                        TolerationsTolerateTaint checks if taint is tolerated by any of the tolerations.

                                                        func TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter

                                                        func TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter(tolerations []v1.Toleration, taints []v1.Taint, applyFilter taintsFilterFunc) bool

                                                          TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter checks if given tolerations tolerates all the taints that apply to the filter in given taint list.


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