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Or: Awoooo!

What this is

A client/server Werewolf app. It simulates the experience of playing with cards, but instead of cards you use things that cost $600+ each.

You start the server (this repo/file), then everyone goes to the website it creates on their phone, tablet, computer, etc. From there you play, with each person submitting votes, seeing their role, etc on their own device!

How to use it

Right now we have no releases. Sorry. That's coming in #26.

Run the executable (awoo.exe on Windows, awoo on Mac/Linux). It will create a log file named werewolf.log in the directory you ran it from.

People can go to the IP of the computer it was run from, port 42300: ie


Why 42300?

4 23 0 0

4 W 0 0


Dependencies (for development)

Install go and npm through your favorite means. Then install bindata and elm.

go get
go get
npm i -g elm@0.18

How to build it (if you want to change the code)

The simplest, though most time consuming, option is to run:


That will run the testsuite, rebuild the assets and compile the code into the ./awoo binary.

If you're only editing the go code and want to test your changes:

go run bindata.go main.go

If you've made any changes to the static files (html, js, css), before you compile:

make assets


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