Package stackset provides a client to make API requests to an AWS CloudFormation StackSet resource.



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    type CreateOrUpdateOption

    type CreateOrUpdateOption func(interface{})

      CreateOrUpdateOption allows to initialize or update a stack set with additional properties.

      func WithAdministrationRoleARN

      func WithAdministrationRoleARN(roleARN string) CreateOrUpdateOption

        WithAdministrationRoleARN sets an administration role arn for a stack set.

        func WithDescription

        func WithDescription(description string) CreateOrUpdateOption

          WithDescription sets a description for a stack set.

          func WithExecutionRoleName

          func WithExecutionRoleName(roleName string) CreateOrUpdateOption

            WithExecutionRoleName sets an execution role name for a stack set.

            func WithOperationID

            func WithOperationID(operationID string) CreateOrUpdateOption

              WithOperationID sets the operation ID of a stack set operation. This functional option can only be used while updating a stack set, otherwise it's a no-op.

              func WithTags

              func WithTags(tags map[string]string) CreateOrUpdateOption

                WithTags sets tags to all the resources in a stack set.

                type Description

                type Description struct {
                	ID       string
                	Name     string
                	Template string

                  Description represents a created stack set resource.

                  type ErrStackSetOutOfDate

                  type ErrStackSetOutOfDate struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    ErrStackSetOutOfDate occurs when we try to read and then update a StackSet but between reading it and actually updating it, someone else either started or completed an update.

                    func (*ErrStackSetOutOfDate) Error

                    func (e *ErrStackSetOutOfDate) Error() string

                    type InstanceSummariesOption

                    type InstanceSummariesOption func(input *cloudformation.ListStackInstancesInput)

                      InstanceSummariesOption allows to filter instance summaries to retrieve for the stack set.

                      func FilterSummariesByAccountID

                      func FilterSummariesByAccountID(accountID string) InstanceSummariesOption

                        FilterSummariesByAccountID limits the accountID for the stack instance summaries to retrieve.

                        func FilterSummariesByRegion

                        func FilterSummariesByRegion(region string) InstanceSummariesOption

                          FilterSummariesByRegion limits the region for the stack instance summaries to retrieve.

                          type InstanceSummary

                          type InstanceSummary struct {
                          	StackID string
                          	Account string
                          	Region  string

                            InstanceSummary represents the identifiers for a stack instance.

                            type StackSet

                            type StackSet struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              StackSet represents an AWS CloudFormation client to interact with stack sets.

                              func New

                              func New(s *session.Session) *StackSet

                                New creates a new client to make requests against stack sets.

                                func (*StackSet) Create

                                func (ss *StackSet) Create(name, template string, opts ...CreateOrUpdateOption) error

                                  Create creates a new stack set resource, if one already exists then do nothing.

                                  func (*StackSet) CreateInstances

                                  func (ss *StackSet) CreateInstances(name string, accounts, regions []string) error

                                    CreateInstances creates new stack instances for a stack set within the regions of the specified AWS accounts.

                                    func (*StackSet) CreateInstancesAndWait

                                    func (ss *StackSet) CreateInstancesAndWait(name string, accounts, regions []string) error

                                      CreateInstancesAndWait creates new stack instances in the regions of the specified AWS accounts, and waits until the operation completes.

                                      func (*StackSet) Delete

                                      func (ss *StackSet) Delete(name string) error

                                        Delete removes all the stack instances from a stack set and then deletes the stack set.

                                        func (*StackSet) Describe

                                        func (ss *StackSet) Describe(name string) (Description, error)

                                          Describe returns a description of a created stack set.

                                          func (*StackSet) InstanceSummaries

                                          func (ss *StackSet) InstanceSummaries(name string, opts ...InstanceSummariesOption) ([]InstanceSummary, error)

                                            InstanceSummaries returns a list of unique identifiers for all the stack instances in a stack set.

                                            func (*StackSet) Update

                                            func (ss *StackSet) Update(name, template string, opts ...CreateOrUpdateOption) error

                                              Update updates a stack set with a new template.

                                              func (*StackSet) UpdateAndWait

                                              func (ss *StackSet) UpdateAndWait(name, template string, opts ...CreateOrUpdateOption) error

                                                UpdateAndWait updates a stack set with a new template, and waits until the operation completes.


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